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9th February 2017
Jaroorat Bhi Hai Kya?  Rationalization of clinical practice

The practice of medicine today relies a lot on diagnostic investigations as an aid to diagnosis and management. The fact that the medical profession was placed under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act, may certainly have contributed to this trend. But, practicing 'defensive' medicine by overinvestigating a patient may not help the patient as they could lead to false positive results. The number of tests may make the patients more anxious. They also add to the healthcare costs, which should be a matter of concern for a country like ours, where patients pay most of their medical expenses out of their own pockets. Prescribing too many and at times unnecessary tests overburdens the healthcare system translating into an inefficient healthcare system. 

 The Choosing Wisely campaign launched in 2012 was a step forward to avoid medical tests, treatments and procedures. The campaign aims "to promote conversations between clinicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is: Supported by evidence, not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received, free from harm and truly necessary (".
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1. The source of infection is mainly clinical cases.
2. The disease is more common in dry and cold months of the year.
3. Chemoprophylaxis of close contacts of cases is recommended.
4. The vaccine is not effective in children below 2 years of age.
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Extreme obesity may shorten life expectancy
Study results necessitate the need to develop more effective interventions against the growing public health problem of morbid obesity.

New Delhi, Feb 8, 2017: Obesity in adulthood is associated with a striking reduction in life expectancy for both men and women. Known as a relatively uncommon condition in the older days, the prevalence of class III, or extreme obesity (BMI more than 40 kg/m2)is on the rise in India.
As per a new study, those who were obese with a BMI of more than 30 kg/m2 at age 40 years lived 6 to 7 years less than those who were not.
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