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9th January 2017
 In every death give an option for virtual autopsy: IMA
Virtual Autopsy Draft Statement
"IMA is for establishing virtual autopsies at clinical level for non-medicolegal cases (whole body CT, whole body MRI, postmortem angio, molecular autopsy)"
Virtopsy or virtual autopsy is an alternative to traditional autopsy, conducted with scanning and imaging technology.
The methods used are whole body or limited CT and or MRI. CT guided postmortem biopsies can be added for histopathological and genetic correlations.
CT is well suited to show foreign objects, bone and air or gas distribution throughout the body, whereas MRI sequences are strong in detailing organ and soft tissue findings. A comprehensive analysis of both surface and deep tissue findings may require fusion of CT, MRI and 3D surface data.

Virtual autopsy can done in no time, will leave no scar and can be the answers in finding the cause of death and also evaluate the cause in unexplained deaths. The same is necessary to prevent further such episodes in the community.
It is also the answer for most medicolegal disputes. In every death IMA members should give an option for virtual biopsy with or without mini FNAC/tissue biopsy.  And informed refusal must be noted.
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA
National President HCFI
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Press Release
"IMA-No Incentive Initiative" launched

IMA discourages its 2.5 Lakh members against the unethical practice of taking or giving incentives.

New Delhi, Jan 8, 2017: IMA stands for transparent and ethical practice in the medical community and strives to safeguard this noble profession. It has come to light that certain notorious practices are propagating in the Indian medical setting despite stringent regulations and monitoring.
These issues include sex selective abortions and incentives taken or given among colleagues and from patients. Incentives are defined by payment or concession in any form given when no service from the doctor is attached.
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