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Dr KK Aggarwal
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9th November Monday

Dear Colleague,

 DMC MCI dispute: No seperate registrations should be required for each state

Most doctors in the city are reacting on the DMC clause that for those who are registered already with MCI needs a separate registration.

As per MCI act for practicing in India one needs only registration with one council. It is not necessary to have registration with multiple councils. Dr Prashant Rampal recently mailed some of the points from MCI act, which I totally agree and we need to take up this matter with the council, MCI, and if required with the government.

As per DMC Act 15.6 "any person servicing or practicing modern scientific system of medicine in Delhi shall be registered with the council under this act. Without registration with the council any person through qualified in modern scientific system of medicine shall be liable for action as specified by the council".

This is contradicting the MCI act. In THE INDIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL ACT, 1956 (102 of 1956) dated the 30th December, 1956 (As amended by the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Acts, 1964, 1993 & 2001), Some clauses and sub clauses clarifies the issue.

The Clause 21.1: The Council shall cause to be maintained in the prescribed manner a register of medical practitioners to be known as the Indian Medical Register, which shall contain the names of all persons who are for the time being enrolled on any State Medical Register and who possess any of the recognised medical qualifications.

Clause 22: Each State Medical Council shall supply to the Council (MCI) six printed copies of the State Medical Register as soon as may be after the commencement of this Act and subsequently after the first day of April of each year, and each Registrar of a State Medical Council shall inform the Council without delay of all additions to and other amendments in the State Medical Register made from time to time.

Clause 23: The Registrar of the Council (MCI), may, on receipt of the report of registration of a person in a State Medical Register or on application made in the prescribed manner by any such person, enter his name in the Indian Medical Register, Provided that the Registrar is satisfied that the person concerned possesses a recognised medical qualification.
Clause 27: Subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down in this Act, regarding medical practice by persons possessing certain recognised medical qualifications, every person whose name is for the time being borne on the Indian Medical Register shall be entitled according to his qualifications to practice as a medical practitioner in any part of India and to recover in due course of law in respect of such practice any expenses, charges in respect of medicaments or other appliances, or any fees to which he may be entitled.

Section 15 of MCI act talks about the rights of the persons possessing qualifications in the schedules to be enrolled.

15. 2.b "  Shall practice medicine in any State"

A person can enroll in medical council of India monitored INDIAN MEDICAL REGISTER, through any state council. Once registered in the MCI register he or she is freed to practice any where in the country. It's like a driving license. We don not need separate licenses to drive in various states.


Dr K K Aggarwal


 Most deaths fall outside screening programs
Nearly three-quarters of breast cancer deaths occur among women who don't get regular screening mammograms, according to a large population-based study. These findings provide another line of evidence supporting the efficacy of screening, commented Lori Pierce, MD, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, who moderated a press briefing highlighting these results and served as co-chair of the conference program committee.

Pregnancy doesn't depend on number of embryos
Recent study revealed that using double embryos doesn't increase chances of pregnancy, but it increases the risk of multiple births and complications related to it.  Earlier doctors used to transfer half a dozen embryos with a belief that at least one embryo would develop into a healthy fetus. With the passage of time and improvement in technology, the chances of pregnancy were increased with implanting of fewer embryos. But, the debate regarding benefits and problems linked with implanting two embryos as compared to one still continues.

 Eye care tips

  •  Always use both hands to wear or remove your spectacles to avoid their being pulled on one side,
  • avoid touching lenses with fingers as much as possible as otherwise you?ll need to clean the lenses often,
  •  never keep the spectacles face down to avoid scratches on lenses,
  •  when not in use or when carrying the spectacles while traveling, put them in a hard case to avoid them from undue pressure,
  •  correct prescription, quality lenses, accurate dispensing, and good fitting are all important in a spectacle that needs to be good to look at and comfortable to wear, and finally
  •  remember that spectacles need to be changed periodically as like changes in our body there may be changes in our eyes and vision, too. Otherwise also, when we spend so much on other essentials like clothing and outing why not something on our eyewear that apart from refreshing the personality provides us with useful vision! (D. Narendra Kumar)

Urge to eat burger or cake again and again could be addiction
Rising rates of obesity are linked to increased junk food intake. A recent study has shown that junk food could be as addictive as drugs. Intake of junk foods like burgers, chips, sausages and cake could lead to addiction of food high in sugar, salt and fat by programming the brain.
The craving for high fat and high sugar foods goes on increasing and at one point of time it becomes a substitute for happiness that why people go on eating junk food despite being aware of the fact that it is harming their health.

Dr Paul Kenny, a neuroscientist, used animal models to study the impact of intake of high fat and high sugar food. For the study, he divided rats into the three groups. First group was given normal amounts of healthy food. The second group was given restricted amounts of junk food while the third group was given freedom to eat unlimited amounts of junk.
Data analysis showed that the rats in third group started binge-eating whereas no adverse effects were observed in the first and second group. When the part of the brain that feels pleasure was electronically stimulated, it was found that rats needed more and more junk food to feel as happy as rats in other groups.

Researchers associate age, obesity with death, hospitalization due to H1N1 infection.

Hospitalizations and deaths from swine flu from April 23rd through August 11th, researchers from the California Health Department found that while the overall fatality rate for hospitalized patients was 11%, it was up to 20% for those 50 or older.
Aabout a quarter of hospitalizations for serious H1N1 complications have been in people who were morbidly obese, even though such people comprise less than 5% of the population. That fivefold increase in risk is nearly the same as the sixfold increase observed in pregnant women. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, also found that the highest rate of hospitalizations occurred among infants, while the highest rate of deaths occurred among those over age 50.

Regular Practice of Yoga Improves Overall Health
Practicing yoga (pranayam) for 20 minutes each morning can help reduce stress, improve strength, limberness, provide better immune function and lower blood pressure.  The major benefit of yoga is that they combine key elements of exercise aerobic, strength training, core stability, flexibility and balance into unified approaches. Certain benefits, particularly stress reduction, can be seen in as little as one day. People report better sleep and improvements in digestive health within the first few days.

Better digestive health can mean better bowel function and decreased constipation.

Pranayam help reverse some effects of aging, such as restricted and narrowed movements. After 10 to 12 weeks of regular sessions, practitioners often notice significant health benefits in other areas.
For example, a study of yoga and people who experience migraines found that those doing yoga had less frequent and less intense headaches than did those taking medication.  Also, those who practiced yoga saw improvements in anxiety and depression.. Yoga can improve bone density and cardiovascular health and decrease blood pressure.  (ANI)

Asthma Red Flags
1. A frightened facial expression and posture that indicates the child can't relax.
2. Restless sleep.
3. Coughing, particularly at night.
4. Sweating, pale skin, rapid breathing and flaring of the nostrils.
5. Labored breathing with the lips pursed.
6. Vomiting and fatigue.
7. Sunken areas between the ribs or in the neck.


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What is a double-blind study?
Two gynecologists reading an echocardiogram.

Bedside tip: preventing aspiration pneumonia

Patients on ventilators are at risk for gastric aspiration if kept in a supine position for too long. Maintaining such patients in a semi recumbent position mar reduce this chance.

Formula to know (formula of ten)

CPR: compress the centre of the chest within 10 minutes of cardiac arrest for the next 10 minutes with a speed of 10x10 or 100 per minute.

Fecal occult blood testing is designed for screening asymptomatic persons over age 50 for colorectal neoplasms. To minimize the incidence of false-positive and false-negative results, the following steps are necessary:

  •  For 3 days before and during testing, patients should avoid eating red meat, fruits such as cantaloupe, and vegetables such as broccoli, turnips, radishes, and cauliflower. Vitamin C, aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should also be avoided.
  •  Two samples of each of three consecutive stools should be tested within 4 to 6 days. Obtaining specimens by digital rectal examination in hospitalized patients has a high false-positive rate and should not be done.

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