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8th September, 2017
What is a 'sutra'?

 Sutra is a Sanskrit word, which literally means string or thread. But in the literary context, sutra is a concise i.e. using few words and meaningful expression of a truth. All vedic knowledge is in the form of Sutras.
To put it simply, a sutra is a sentence or a statement, which has a complete meaning by itself. Every word in a sutra is non deletable, every word is a chapter by itself.
For example, a sutra to create awareness about child sexual abuse can be as follows: "Child sexual abuse, evident or suspect, is a common, preventable, punishable, acute medicolegal emergency."
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Swine flu cases on the rise in India
Timely treatment and prevention essential to preventing deaths 

New Delhi, 07 September 2017: According to recently released reports, swine flu has infected 18,000 people and killed 871 in 2017 so far. This is a nine-fold increase from last year when 265 deaths were reported. Data shows that while Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, and Rajasthan have been majorly affected by this disease, Delhi has also shown an increase in the number of affected people. It is alarming that the country is still underprepared in terms of tackling swine flu, feels IMA.
Swine flu is caused by the H1N1 virus. This disease initially spread through pigs but is now transmitted from one person to another as well. The virus enters the body when a person inhales contaminated droplets or is transferred from a contaminated surface to the eyes, nose, or mouth of a person.
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