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8th May 2018
Vahans (Vehicles) in Mythology

Dr KK Aggarwal & Ira Gupta

In ancient era, knowledge was imparted through verses or songs or “geet” (Gita), folktales and short plays (puranas) and epics.

The depictions in puranas of Gods and Goddesses was probably to convey some meaning for examples, the vahans or vehicles used by Gods and Goddesses symbolize tendencies, which need to be controlled.

The deity or God denotes positive behavior. According to the Advait philosophy, the deity represents ‘you’ and the vahan denotes the control. Gods and their Vahans represent the path to control the animal tendencies and live a more positive life.... read more

Video Of The Day : World Health Day 2018

Top 6 Tips for Better Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is defined as the actions taken by the healthcare provider to improve the decision-making process, which ultimately contributes to a better patient experience and reduce care costs..... read more

Top News

Today is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on 8th May to commemorate the birthday of Henri Dunant who had founded the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the year 1863 in the Geneva, Switzerland and the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize..... read more

Physician Leaders urge WHO to Admit Taiwan to World Health Assembly

A call for Taiwan to be allowed to participate in this months’ World Health Assembly has come from the World Medical Association. The WMA, a body representing 114 national medical associations and constituent bodies around the world, has written to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, .... read more

Breaking News

Delhi govt likely to announce policy to put a cap on hospitals' profits this week

Based on recommendations of an expert panel, the Delhi government is likely to come out with a policy this week to cap profit margins of city hospitals on drugs and devices, according to sources.... read more

Morning Medtalks

Morning Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal 8th May

Public Health : Intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight, 28th May to 9th June 2018: Add zinc in diarrhoea as it reduces the number of Stools, reduce the number of Stools, hasten the recovery, protect the Child against future diarrhoea and Pneumonia for three months,... read more

Practice Updates

Better glycemic control with very low carbohydrate diets in children with type 1 diabetes

Results of a study reported online May 7, 2018 in the journal Pediatrics show that participants following a very low carbohydrate diet had average blood sugar levels in an exceptional, near-normal range. They had low rates of adverse events such as hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis,.... read more

Older surgeons have lower mortality rates in emergency surgeries

Emergency surgery patients may have slightly lower mortality rates if they are treated by older surgeons (aged 60 years or older) than by younger surgeons (younger than 40 years), according to a study published online.... read more

EMA Panel recommends once-daily three-drug combo for HIV-1 treatment

The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended granting marketing authorization for a three-drug HIV-1 combo containing bictegravir 50 mg, emtricitabine 200 mg, and tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg..... read more

Patients with refractory GIST may benefit with dasatinib treatment

Administration of dasatinib 70 mg orally twice-daily for six months to patients with imatinib-refractory GIST may be active as anticancer therapy according to a trial published online April 26, 2018 in JAMA Oncology..... read more

Osteoporosis patients on 'drug holidays' should be monitored for fractures

As per findings of a study published in Endocrine Practice online May 4, 2018, 15.4% of patients on "drug holidays" from bisphosphonates had a higher incidence of fractures ranging from 3.7% to 9.9%..... read more

Urine of kidney disease patients contains diverse mix of bacteria

The urine of patients with kidney disease contains a diverse mix of bacteria unlike the urine in healthy patients, which generally has one or two dominant bacteria, according to a new study published online May 4, 2018 in the journal International Urology and Nephrology...... read more

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Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: Addiction to Worry
Inspirational Story 2: The Talking Bird
People with no symptoms may be a source of dengue fever
Over reporting and acting on time are key to preventing this disease
New Delhi, 07 May 2018: People who virtually show no symptoms are likely to be the primary source of dengue fever, according to a new study. It estimated that more than 80% of dengue virus infections are attributable to individuals with mild to no symptoms who do not seek treatment from a physician. About 400 million people each year are infected with dengue virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes.

Those with dengue needing intervention are either identified after they have already contributed to transmission or are not identified at all. There is a need to shift emphasis toward more proactive disease prevention strategies that do not rely as strongly on responding to detected cases alone.

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