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8th April 2016
Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
Cardiologists and Gynecologists need to work together
Look for underlying heart disease in endometriosis

Endometriosis raises the summary risk for any coronary heart disease by 62% overall and by a staggering 200% in women aged 40 or younger as per Nurses' Health Study 2 analysis.

The association between endometriosis and CHD was found to be consistent no matter how CHD was defined - MI, angina, or coronary bypass/angioplasty/stent.

Women with endometriosis are known to have systemic, chronic inflammation, an atherogenic lipid profile, heightened oxidative stress and several overlapping risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It affects about 10% of women of reproductive age.

Compared with women without endometriosis, women with endometriosis were 1.52 times more likely to have an MI, 1.91 times more likely to develop angiographically-confirmed angina and 1.35 times more likely to need CABG surgery, a coronary angioplasty procedure, or a stent.
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eWellness: Can diabetes be prevented? 
Adhering to a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and low in animal products, may protect one against developing type 2 diabetes. The diet emphasizes olive oil, vegetables, fruits...Read more

eSpiritual: 1st Chaitra Navratri: Shailputri Worship
“Spiritual summary: On the first day we control (riding), our desires (bull) by balancing (Trishul) the mind with cool thoughts (moon) and practicing detachment (lotus). This can be assisted by chanting LAM focusing on...Read more

Inspirational Story: Unique Human Flaws
An elderly Asian woman had two large pots, each hung on the end of a pole, which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always...Read more
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HCFI in partnership with the Indian Medical Association flag off the 14th Perfect Health Parade at Rajghat
New Delhi, April 7, 2016: Heart Care Foundation of India and the Indian Medical Association flagged off the 14th Perfect Health Parade today morning at Rajghat. The parade, which comprised of over 20 tableaus carrying preventive health messages, passed through over 50 locations in Delhi NCR in a span of 10 hours. The purpose being to raise awareness about how common life-threatening ailments like dengue, malaria, lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension etc. can be prevented if necessary preventive steps are taken. The Perfect Health Parade was organized with support from the Department of Women & Child Development (Prohibition), SDMC & NDMC.
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Yoga for Health
Yoga and HIV

One month practice of integrated yoga may reduce depression and improve immunity in HIV-1 infected adults. Read more
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IMA TB Initiative 
IMA Starts Nodal center for adverse drug reactions

IMA PvPI Initiative has started a nodal center at IMA headquarters. All IMA members can now report adverse reactions to drugs, vaccines, medical devices, Blood products and herbal products at IMA PvPI helpline 9717776514, open Monday to Friday 9-5.30PM
IMA Lybrate Initiative: Ask the Specialist & others 
IMA Polio Dates
  • April 1st: tOPV would not be available after this date.
  • April 11th: bOPV would be available in private market but it is not to be opened or used before 25th April.
  • April 25: IMA Polio Switch Day, when tOPV would be completely withdrawn and replaced by bOPV in both routine immunization and polio campaigns.
  • 9th May: IMA National Validation Day when India would be declared free of tOPV. 

IMA Satyagraha - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV1zCH33BlU

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Webcast Date: 14th April 2016