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8th November 2016
Stop NMC Satyagraha - 16/11/2016: The Background
The National Medical Commission Bill 2016 ushers in all the black issues IMA has been fighting so far.
  • It abolishes Medical Council of India (MCI) and along with that, the section 16.1.b of MCI Act, which says that the basic qualification to practice modern medicine is MBBS. 
  • It introduces schedule IV to allow Ayurvedics, Homeopaths, and others to get registration in Modern Medicine.
  • It takes away the voting right of every doctor in India to elect their medical council.
  • It brings non medical people like advocates, charted accountants and social activists into the highest body of medical governance changing its perspective and character forever.
  • All the members will be nominated by Central Government. 
  • While it allows Ayurvedics and Homeopaths to practice modern medicine by backdoor, it requires legitimate MBBS students to take a licentiate exam after final MBBS exam.
  • It potentially releases 60 to 99% of MBBS and PG seats in private medical colleges to the highest bidder at market rates.
  •  It opens the floodgates of PG seats in modern medicine to AYUSH graduates by providing registration to them in schedule IV.
  • It directly affects ‘patient care’ and ‘patient safety’ by allowing graduates of other systems to practice modern medicine.
  • It is clear that this black law takes away all the privileges of doctors and medical students. If this anti people legislation is allowed to become a law, it will not only be injustice to future generation of doctors it will also be a treason against the people of India. The ulterior motive of this bill is to bring in indigenous medicine in an inappropriate way by diluting and controlling modern medicine: All by back door and deceit.
It becomes a bounden duty on IMA to stop National Medical Commission Bill.
Indian Medical Association (IMA) had proclaimed 16th November, 2015 as Satyagraha Day, which was subsequently postponed on the intervention of Hon’ble Health Minister, Shri JP Nadda on the assurance that our other 5 main demands (as follows) would be resolved within 6 weeks.
1.    To stop violence on doctors and hospitals across the country by bringing in a Central Hospital Protection Law.
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