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7th June, 2017
IMA Created History: Thank You Team IMA
Dear All

IMA call for “Dilli Chalo” was a grand success. Over 10000 doctors marched from Delhi Gate to Indira Gandhi Stadium
1. 10,000 medical professionals physically present today
2. 43,767 digitally present today (see the screen shot)

3. T-total participation: 53767 today

4. Petition signed 63457

An unmatchable record in the history of India 

Kindly watch - Straight from the Heart: From the desk of National President, IMA Dr KK Aggarwal

"Dilli Chalo" Address by Dr K K Aggarwal, National President IMA

Video Link:

On website -
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA
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Over 70, 000 doctors participate in the Indian Medical Association's Dilli Chalo movement
 Deliberate on key issues ailing the medical community including the increasing incidence of violence against doctors, unfair nature of the PC PNDT Act, need for compensation capping

New Delhi, 6 June 2017: In what was perhaps the largest peaceful Satyagraha against the many issues confronting the medical fraternity in the country, doctors, MBBS students, and others associated with the profession participated in huge numbers in the Dilli Chalo movement held today.
The movement was a fitting conclusion to the intensive month-long campaign by IMA aimed at raising awareness on and bringing to light the issues faced by the medical profession. IMA is a unified voice and the collective consciousness of the medical profession in the country.
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