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7th May 2019
Hon'ble Supreme Court of India upholds the constitutional validity of Section 23 and Sections 20 & 30 of the PCPNDT Act
Complete contents of Form F are mandatory

Dr KK Aggarwal & Ira Gupta

Landmark Judgment

In a landmark judgement, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India had upheld the constitutional validity of Section 23 and Section 20 & 30 of the PCPNDT Act; the complete contents of Form F are mandatory.

The medical profession has lost an important opportunity to defend penal provisions for clerical errors. Had all the medical bodies focused and fought together this may not have happened. So many doctors in the present cabinet of ministers and yet none fought at the level of parliament to resolve this issue. Penal provisions will now become a reality in all new laws unless the newly elected government decides to change this after the 23rd of May. Many think it otherwise. Supreme Court judgment is only an interpretation of the existing laws, which can only be changed by the parliament and political will.....read more

Guest Editorial
India's huge tobacco burden and the need for harm reduction alternatives such as ENDS

David T Sweanor, J.D.

Reproduced from ETHealthWorld | May 01, 2019, 03:05 IST

With 120 million tobacco smokers, India is the second largest consumer of combustion-based tobacco products globally and witnesses over one million deaths per year due to tobacco related illness.

Exercise: Guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week. "Doing more is better.

Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, University of Ottawa

Tobacco smoking is one of the world's and India's biggest and most preventable cause of early death and a blight on culture and society. With 120 million tobacco smokers, India is the second largest consumer of combustion-based tobacco products globally and witnesses over one million deaths per year due to tobacco related illness..... read more

Practice Updates

Today is World Asthma Day: "STOP for Asthma"

World Asthma Day (WAD) is an annual event observed on first Tuesday of May. It is organized by Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to increase the awareness about asthma and its management globally..... read more

Forum of International Respiratory Societies calls on health care providers worldwide to STOP for Asthma

(New York, NY) – May 7, 2019 – On World Asthma Day, the American Thoracic Society joins the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) and other founding members of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) in recognizing this year's theme: "STOP for asthma." FIRS calls on global health care providers to STOP for asthma and evaluate symptoms,.... read more

Regular exposure to low-level radiation increases risk of high BP

Prolonged exposure to low-dose radiation such as the type emitted by X-ray machines and CT scanners can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, according to a study published May 3, 2019 in the journal Hypertension. The study, which examined more than 22,300 workers at the Mayak Production Association,.... read more

Five things to know about physician suicide

An article on physician suicide published May 6, 2019 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says that physician suicide is an urgent problem with rates higher than suicide rates in the general public, with potential for extensive impact on health care systems. The five things about physician suicide in the article:.....read more

Study identifies features associated with conversion to neovascular ARMD

In a post hoc secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial of 686 fellow eyes with nonneovascular age-related macular degeneration, total en face area of drusen restricted to a circular area 3 mm from the fovea, mean drusen reflectivity, and 1 genetic variant (rs61941274, ACAD10 locus) were associated with conversion to neovascular age-related macular degeneration after controlling....read more

Medical Voice

Lord Ganesha Never Suffered from Diabetes?

Antigua GAPIO: Today the developing world is facing an epidemic of potbelly obesity related diabetes and the same has been linked to insulin resistance as a result of eating refined carbohydrates.

Lord Ganesha, the child God, is depicted with big tummy and sweet (laddo) in his one of the hands and yet he never suffered from diabetes.

In terms of spiritual interpretation and mythological interpretation Lord Ganesha depicts principles of stress management with sweet laddo meaning control of desires. .... read more

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A. Talking directly to the person who is causing the stress.
B. Giving yourself a treat, like comfort food or a cocktail.
C. Accepting that there are things beyond your control.
D. Trying cognitive-behavioral therapy to learn new coping skills.
E. Working out regularly.
Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: The Duck and the Devil
Inspirational Story 2: Going the Extra Mile
Environmental pollution: one of the major causes for increasing asthma prevalence in children, says HCFI
Proper management and correct use of inhalers are key to prevent attacks

New Delhi, 6th May 2019: According to the World Health Organization, about 80% of asthma deaths occur in the low and lower-middle-income countries. Of the estimated 1.5 to 2 crore asthma patients around the world, at least 1 in every 10 lives in India. A recent study also indicates that about 35% of preschoolers in the country exhibit asthma symptoms. While two-thirds outgrow the symptoms in later years, about 16.67% continue to suffer.

On World Asthma Day, the need of the hour is to raise awareness on the fact that environmental pollution is emerging as a big risk factor for the condition, especially among children. The theme for World Asthma Day this year is ‘STOP for Asthma’. STOP expands into Symptom evaluation, Test response, Observe and assess, and proceed to adjust treatment. It is imperative to educate patients on proper management and correct use of inhalers.

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