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7th  October 2016
IMA 1 Voice: Stop NMC
Team IMA 2016
Niti Aayog has recently put the proposed National Medical Commission Bill -2016 on the public domain and had invited observations and comments from the stake holders.  Over 9000 stake holders sent their comments and observations on the said Bill.

In a stake holder’s meeting, IMA has come out with the following points and IMA feels that if the said bill is passed by the government in the forthcoming winter session, it will not be in the interest of the society.
  1. There is nothing new in the proposed bill, instead the Niti Aaygo should have asked for suggestions to amend the existing IMC act 1956 and its subsequent amendments.
  2. In the present bill the representative character, which is a must for any regulatory body, a fine balance between the elected and nominated members, has been completely given go by. In fact in the proposed bill, there is total exclusion of elected members. It will have 100% nominated members.
  3. The present MCI under the IMC act has representations from all State Medical Councils, health science universities and registered medical practitioners. The same will be lost with the new bill.
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Timely action is of key essence while dealing with patients who have suffered a heart attack,
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New Delhi, 06th October 2016: In India, around a third of the population suffers from degenerative diseases like ischemic heart issues, chronic obstructive pulmonary problems and stroke. These diseases also known as the leading killers were also accountable for 30 percent of all deaths in 2013. Stroke and heart disease are leading causes of death and disability in India. The estimated prevalence rate of stroke in the country ranges from 84-262 per 100,000 population in rural and 334-424 per 100,000 populations in urban areas. Approximately 40% of patients with stroke succumb to their illness.
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