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6th June, 2017
Straight from the Heart
The time has come to show our solidarity to the cause of the medical profession
Dear Colleague

The time has come to show our solidarity to the cause of the medical profession. When I began my tenure as IMA National President, I gave a slogan "IMA 1 Voice" and I feel that today  will show the entire nation that IMA does speak in “One voice”.
IMA has 8 lakh practicing or serving medical doctors in the country. One percent of this is 8000. According to the 100th monkey phenomenon, 1% of the collective consciousness of people decides what 99% will do. Sixty thousand IMA members have already signed the petition, which is 7.5% of medical professionals... way above the required critical mass (of 1%).
This shows that the entire medical profession is concerned about the atrocities on the profession and that they are not allowed to work in a fearless atmosphere.
All these years we have been practicing individual patient-centric medicine using all social determinants of  health and prescribing drugs, investigations and deciding on a line of treatment based on the interests of the individual patient.
But now we are being forced to follow outdated standard treatment guidelines formulated by “experts” with possible no experience of working in the private sector. 
We are being forced to write drugs, the quality of which will be decided by pharmacists and follow a line of management based on non-practical guidelines.
We are also being forced to charge a fixed fee decided by the government. This ignores the seniority and acumen of the doctor. We are also given targets by many private hospitals and government setups.
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New Delhi, 05 June 2017: Demanding that a member from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) be nominated in all government committees, both in the centre and state, the IMA has taken another concrete step towards the silent satyagraha called Dilli Chalo to be flagged off on the 6th of June 2017. The protest march will see thousands of doctors, students, and others in the medical profession walk from Rajghat to the Indira Gandhi Stadium where deliberations on key issues will take place. 
This is just one of the many issues pointed out by the Association in its demand to uphold the nobility and integrity of the medical profession.
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