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Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
6th May 2016
First-ever guidelines on stroke rehabilitation and recovery released
For the first time, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) have issued guidelines on rehabilitation and recovery after stroke, published online May 4, 2016 in the journal Stroke. Few major recommendations are: 
  • Inpatient rehabilitation facilities produce better outcomes than nursing homes.
  • Formal fall prevention programs during hospitalization of the patient.
  • Intensive repetitive mobility exercises for all patients with gait issues to improve mobility.
  • Frequent monitoring of calcium/vitamin D levels in patients in long-term care facilities.
  • Formulate tailored exercise programs.
  • Provide "enriched environments to increase engagement with cognitive activities."
  • Individuals with stroke who have poor balance, low balance confidence and fear of falls or are at risk for falls should be provided with a balance training program.
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A 22-year-old person from Mumbai asked:

Are there any chances of heart attack if the ecg which was done 1 month back was normal. I am anxious alot and the thoughts keep on worrying me.

Ecg is not be all test to detect a heart attack. A drop of blood is tested from finger and put on strip shows 2 lines confirms heart attack and it is called tropnin... read more   
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Indian Medical Association raises awareness about how lives can be saved if all medical practitioners
follow right hand washing technique
New Delhi, May 5, 2016: World Health Organization has dedicated May 5th to World Hand Hygiene Day, dedicated to encouraging patients and their family members to join health workers in their efforts to practice good hand hygiene. Every year, hundreds of millions of patients around the world are affected by health care-associated infections. Caregivers properly cleaning their hands at key moments in patient care could prevent more than half of these infections. 

The IMA 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene approach define the key moments when health-care workers should perform hand hygiene. This evidence-based, field-tested, user-centered approach is designed to be easy to learn, logical and applicable in a wide range of settings.
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