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5th November 2016
How can I help in reducing the pollution?
As soon as the pollution levels peaked post-Diwali, headlines highlighting the insufficiency of the government in bringing down pollution, banning crackers and reducing industrial or vehicular pollutants dominated the newspapers. 
It is easy and very convenient to sit on the sidelines and crib about how the government is lacking in stringent measures to bring down the recently spiked pollution levels. It takes courage and determination to take matter into one’s own hands and take a step towards making a difference.

Each of us is a sentient member of the society and the contribution from each of us, no matter however small, matters. Every little step taken at the individual level will only work towards the goodwill of the society as a whole.
Do not ask what the governing bodies are doing, instead introspect within yourself and ask what you are doing! We ourselves have brought on this onslaught of toxic smog, and it is our moral duty as an active member of the society to take measures at the individual help to control it.
Take the step to do your bit; you may make your significant contribution by taking the following pledges:
1.    I will not burn agarbatti, incense sticks and dhoopbatti at my home or workplace till pollution levels drop.
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IMA Satyagraha on 16th November?
New Delhi November 04, 2016: "All the 30 State Branches and 1765 Local Branches of IMA are organizing a 2-hour Dharna as part of Stop NMC Satyagraha, in every district in India from 11 am 1 pm on 16th November. The dharna is organized as a reminder to the Government to intervene and sort out the major problems faced by the medical profession" said Dr K K Aggarwal, National President Elect  and Honorary Secretary General, IMA.

 "Last year, We had postponed our Satyagraha scheduled for16th November2015 on the favourable assurances received from the Government of India" said Dr S S Agarwal, National President, IMA.
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