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4th March 2019

The Deeper Meaning of "Lord Shiva"

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

Many of us are devout followers of Shiva. But, we worship Him without understanding the deep meaning of Shiva.

In Hindu mythology, Shiva is one of the three forms (trimurtis) of God, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the Hindu Triumvirate.

The Parmatama or spirit or what is called as God can be classified as a mixture of three forces representing Generator (creator or Brahma), Organizer, (maintainer or Vishnu) and Destroyer (completing or Mahesh or Shiva). These three similar forces come into play in our body to perform any work.....read more

Hon'ble Delhi High Court seeks Centre & MCI's response on petition challenging notification barring disabled person from taking up UG programme

Advocate Ira Gupta

On Tuesday i.e. 26.02.2019, the Hon'ble Delhi High Court asked the Centre and Medical Council of India (MCI) to file a reply on a petition challenging a notification which barred more than 80% disabled persons from taking admission in UG medical education programmes.

A division bench comprising of Hon'ble Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Kameswar Rao refused to stay the notification, saying that no affected persons have approached the court challenging the notification....read more

Practice Updates

Alarming global surge of measles cases a growing threat to children, says UNICEF

UNICEF warned that global cases of measles are surging to alarmingly high levels, led by ten countries accounting for more than 74 per cent of the total increase, and several others that had previously been declared measles free..... read more

Govt. to celebrate 'Poshan Pakhwada' from 8th to 22nd March 2019 across the country

The Minister for Women and Child Development, Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi today announced that the Government will celebrate the first anniversary of POSHAN Abhiyaan on 8th March, 2019 by organising Poshan Pakhwada across the Country. Briefing media, the WCD Minister said that Poshan Pakhwada will be celebrated as part of Jan Andolan .... read more

Significant reduction in prices of cancer drugs prices due to trade margin capping

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), in its Meeting dated 26thFebruary, 2019, invoked extraordinary powers in public interest, under Para 19 of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 to bring 42 non-scheduled anti-cancer drugs under price control, through Trade Margin Rationalisation.... read more

Deferring antibiotics early in older adults with UTI increased mortality risk

The recommended first line antibiotics for UTI in the elderly should be initiated early, suggests a study published online Feb. 27, 2019 in the BMJ. No antibiotics and deferred antibiotics were associated with a significant increase in bloodstream infection.. read more

Even 'mild' congenital heart disease poses risk later in life

A study published Feb. 28, 2019 in the journal Circulation found that individuals with less serious forms of adult congenital heart disease had higher burden of adverse cardiovascular events compared to the general population that was unaccounted for by conventional cardiovascular risk factors.... read more

Novel sleep index and wakefulness may predict if patients able to breathe on their own

Critically ill patients are more likely to be successfully weaned from a mechanical ventilator, or breathing machine, if they have higher levels of wakefulness and both their right and left brains experience the same depth of sleep, according to new research published online in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. ... read more

Medical Voice

Most Paroxysmal AF Patients Report 'Triggers' Like Alcohol, Caffeine In

Three-fourths of patients with symptomatic paroxysmal atrial fibrillation identified that at least one acute experience was triggered by alcohol, caffeine intake, a bout of exercise or a lack of sleep. Among the nearly 1300 survey respondents, women and those with a family history of AF were the likeliest to report that they had such triggers and that they had multiple triggers..... read more

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Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 2: Honesty
Quality of sleep may be a deciding factor in the progression of Alzheimer's
The brain also needs exercise like the body to keep this disease at bay
New Delhi, 3 March 2019: Deep sleep is crucial to cleaning the brain, revealed new study. Because sleep often becomes increasingly lighter and more disrupted as we become older, the study reinforces and potentially explains the links between aging, sleep deprivation, and heightened risk for Alzheimer's disease. Slow and steady brain and cardiopulmonary activity associated with deep non-REM sleep are optimal for the function of the glymphatic system, the brain's unique process of removing waste.

Older people who get less deep sleep have higher levels of the brain protein tau, a sign of cognitive

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