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Desiraju ousted for his own mistakes or for not nominating Ketan Desai?

(Some inputs from TOI & Express News Service)

A host of possible reasons over shunting out of Keshav Desiraju from the post of Union health secretary are in discussions but one major trigger may have been the deep embarrassment caused to the top Congress leadership by the bureaucrat who read lakhs as crores, part from other goof ups.

1. Unnao Congress MP Anu Tandon had approached the health ministry for setting up a nursing school in her constituency with a total project cost of Rs 10 crore. The government approved the project and sanctioned release of Rs 337 lakh (Rs 3.37 crore) as first installment. Informing her about this decision, Desiraju, as health secretary, responded to her February 13, 2013 letter saying: "This department has sanctioned an GNM School in Unnao district for which Rs 337.87 crore has been released as first installment."

Tandon approached health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad in August last year for laying the foundation stone of the mega–nursing project. A surprised Azad apparently told her that Centre did not have such huge funds for a project of this magnitude. Equally surprised, she showed the letter sanctioning Rs 337.87 crore as first installment.

When the truth dawned on her, Tandon said she had given wide publicity for last four months thanking the top Congress leadership for the huge grant to set up a mega nursing project in her constituency. She threatened to bring privilege motion in Parliament.

The minister accused Desiraju of committing a serious mistake when he sent a letter to Unnao MP Anu Tandon informing her that Rs 337.87 crore has been released as first installment for setting up a nursing school in her constituency (when the entire project cost was Rs 10 crore). "You can well imagine the embarrassment caused to me as well as the MP when she approached me in August, 2013 for laying the foundation stone… only to be told by me that we do not have any central scheme for such a mega nursing project… I had to apologise on the Health Secretary’s behalf. I reprimanded Desiraju for non–application of mind following which he admitted his mistake," Azad said.

Azad sought Desiraju’s comment on this embarrassing goof–up. Desiraju on August 30 wrote: "Health and family welfare minister spoke to me this morning regarding the mistake in my letter of April 25, 2013, to Anu Tandon, Member of Parliament. I greatly regret that my letter should have said Rs 337.87 lakh instead of Rs 337.87 crore." "This is an unfortunate mistake and I regret very much that this mistake should have happened in my office and in a letter which I have signed," Desiraju said, but pointed out that he had also sent the sanction letter which correctly pointed out that the grant was for Rs 337 lakh. "However, a mistake has occurred and I accept the responsibility for it. I regret the embarrassment this has caused to the minister," he said.

2. Azad cited another incident relating to approval to medical colleges. Over a fortnight after the transfer of former Health Secretary Keshav Desiraju, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad in a letter to Cabinet Secretary A K Seth accused Desiraju of having batted for a medical college denied permission by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Azad’s letter justifying the transfer accused Desiraju of overlooking MCI rules to recommend review of 14 cases where the council denied permission. "I have steadfastly spearheaded the move to introduce transparency in MCI matters and the need to completely do away with any discretion on the part of the ministry. Yet, Desiraju put up a file recommending review of 14 cases where the MCI had denied permission and proposing extension," he said in his letter to Seth.

"Little did he appreciate that review of MCI decisions by the ministry had become ground for complaints of corruption in earlier regimes," Azad wrote in his letter sent on February 24, adding, "In fact, a former Union minister of health and family welfare had to face CBI inquiry/court cases on account of having overturned MCI recommendations. I understand Desiraju personally pushed this matter having been approached by promoters of a particular medical university and thus wanted the date of approval extended."

Azad’s office said it could not offhand give the name of the university.

The minister also blamed Desiraju over a faux pas that came in the way of sending MBBS doctors to rural areas. "We held consultations to arrive at a consensus regarding one–year compulsory rural posting after one–year internship for those seeking admission to PG courses. Desiraju prepared a note mentioning duration of internship as 2 years in place of 1 year," said Azad stressing this "created havoc" and sparked an agitation by young doctors.

3. Azad also informed cabinet Secretary Ajit Kumar Seth that it was Desiraju who had approved the name of Dr Keshav Agarwal, who is charge–sheeted by CBI in a scam relating to Medical Council of India, as a member of the recently constituted MCI in November 2013 whereas he had cited the same reason (charge–sheeted by the CBI) to reject nomination of Ketan Desai from Gujarat.

Azad said: "I was personally reluctant to accept Ketan Desai's nomination made by Gujarat University and therefore, directed that the law department be consulted in the matter and the issue is still under examination." The minister said he had faced embarrassment when outsiders pointed out that different yardsticks had been adopted for Agarwal and Desai.

Allahabad High Court Judgment where Dr. Keshav Kumar Aggarwal got a stay from Allahabad High Court that unless convicted, a person cannot be denied a MCI membership.

In one of my previous eMedinewS editorials, I had written that total 29 CBI cases (PI) and one DA case was filed against Dr. Desai.

The DA case and 27 out of 29 PI cases were closed by CBI. One case from Delhi has been stayed by the Supreme Court of India; another case from UP has been stayed by the Allahabad High Court. At present, there is no active case against Dr. Desai and he has never been convicted of any offence.


WRIT – C No. - 9875 of 2014; Petitioner: – Dr. Keshav Kumar Agarwal; Respondent :– Union Of India And Another ; Hon’ble Tarun Agarwala, J; Hon’ble Rajan Roy, J, dated 17th Feb 2014

The petitioner was unanimously elected by the members of the Senate of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, as a member of the Medical Council of India. A Notification dated 05.11.2013 to this effect was issued under Section 3 (1) (b) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (for short ‘the Act’).

It transpires that a Member of Parliament wrote a complaint dated 9th December, 2013 pointing out that the petitioner has been nominated as a member, when he has been charge sheeted. Based on such complaint, the impugned Notification was issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which was published on 9th January, 2014 ceasing the membership of the petitioner as a member of Medical Council of India representing MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly under section 3(1)(b) of the Act, read with section 30A(2) of the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Second Ordinance, 2013 (for short 'the Ordinance').

Section 3(1)(b) of the Act provides for election of a member from each University to be a member of the Medical Council of India. Section 30A(2) of the Ordinance, provides that the Central Government may remove any member from the Council upon certain contingencies, namely:

(a) has been adjudged as an insolvent; or

(b) has become physically or mentally incapable of acting as such President, Vive–President, or other member; or

(c) is of unsound mind and stand so declared by a competent court; or

(e) has acquired such financial or any other interest in any medical institution falling within the purview of the Council, which is likely to affect prejudicially the exercise of his functions as the President, Vice President, or a member; or

(f) is unable to perform or has made persistent defaults– –

(i) in the performance of the duties imposed on him under this Act or has exceeded or abused his position; or

(ii) either willfully or without sufficient cause neglects to comply with the directions issued by the Central Government under sections 33A and 33B; or (g)has been guilty of proved misbehavior or his continuance in office would be detrimental in public interest.

(3) No person shall be removed from his office on the grounds specified in clause

(e) or clause

(f) or clause

(g) of sub–section

(2), unless he has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard in the matter.

In the instant case, the petitioner has only been charge sheeted and has not been convicted of an offense nor other parameters as indicated under Section 30A(2) of the Ordinance are applicable. Further, it is contended that no notice or opportunity was given to the petitioner before passing the impugned order.

Let a counter affidavit be filed by the respondents within 2 weeks. List for admission after two weeks.

In the light of aforesaid premises, the impugned order appears to be in violation of Section 3(1)(b) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and section 30A(2) of the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Second Ordinance, 2013.

Consequently, until further orders of this Court, the effect and operation of the impugned Notification dated 26th December, 2013 as published on 9th January, 2014 shall remain stayed.


A Letter from Ghulam Nabi Azad, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, GOI To Mr Ajit Kumar Seth, Cabinet Secretary

24th February, 2014

I am writing to you in connection with the unseemly controversy sought to be created over the transfer of Shri Keshav Desiraju, Former Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare.

You would recall that I had personally recommended his appointment as Secretary*Health & Family Welfare. This followed his personal request to me. Little did I anticipate that his casual approach and lack of attention to detail would cause serious embarrassment on several occasions besides slowing down important projects.

Let me mention a few such instances:

On 24th April, 2013, Shri Desiraju sent a communication under his signature to Ms Anu Tandon, MP (Lok Sabha) informing her that an amount of Rs 337.87 crore has been released as first instalment for setting up a nursing school in her constituency of Unnao (when the entire project cost was Rs 10 crore only). You can well imagine the severe embarrassment caused to me as well as the MP when she approached me in August, 2013 for laying the foundation stone of this purportedly prestigious project only to be told by me that we do not have any centra) scheme for such a mega nursing project. She showed me the letter of the Health Secretary and informed that on the basis of this very letter from Shri Desiraju, she had been widely publisicing the project for almost four months in every public meeting in her constituency and to the media. You can imagine her chagrin as she wanted to bring a privilege motion in the Parliament. I had to apologize on Health Secretary's behalf. I also reprimanded Shri Desiraju for non-application of mind following which he admitted his mistake in writing on file.

I regret to say that there was no improvement in Shri Desiraju’s style of functioning. The main reason was his absent mindedness. In all meetings chaired by me including with foreign delegations, I found him busy for most part in receiving and sending SMSs and emails on his mobile phone. He paid scant attention to deliberations and left it to his subordinates to participate in the discussions. His own contribution was invariably negligible.

Another instance of casual examination on his part led to the notification of a tainted person, one Dr Keshav Agarwal who stands charge sheeted by CBI in a MCT related scam, as a member of the recently reconstituted MCI in November 2013. I was personally reluctant to accept Dr Ketan Desai's nomination made by Gujarat University and therefore, directed that the law department be consulted in the matter and the issue is still under examination. However, acute embarrassment was caused when some body outside the ministry pointed out to me that a differential yardstick had been applied in the case of Dr Agarwal. I had to once again reprimand Shri Desiraju and de-notify Dr Agarwal's nomination. However, some blunders are beyond rectification. Further embarrassment was caused as the Hon'ble High court of Allahabad has since stayed the de-notification order of the ministry in case of Dr Agarwal.

You may be aware that I have steadfastly spearheaded the move to introduce transparency in MCI matters and the need to completely do away with–any discretion on the part of the ministry. Yet Shri Desiraju put up a file recommending review of 14 cases where MCI had denied permission and proposing extension of date of approval. Little did he appreciate that review of MCI decisions by ministry became the ground for several complaints of corruption in earlier regimes. In fact, a former Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare had to face CBI enquiry/court cases on account of having overturned MCI recommendations. 1 understand that Shri Desiraju personally pushed this matter having been approached by the promoters of a particular medical university and thus wanted the date of approval extended. In the process, he completely overlooked MCI regulations which were approved by Hon'ble Supreme Court.

Yet another unfortunate instance of complete non application of mind relates to the mandatory rural posting of doctors. Given the acute shortage of MBBS doctors in rural areas, it has been my priority to devise policies to increase the availability of doctors. We held wide consultations with stake holders over a period of three years to finally arrive on a consensus regarding 1 year compulsory rural posting after 1 year internship for those seeking admission in PG courses. Shri Desiraju prepared a note after the meeting in which he mentioned the duration of internship as 2 years in place of 1 year.

This created havoc and I had to face an unsavory agitation by young doctors, something that had not happened before in my entire tenure as Health Minister. Acutely embarrassed, I had to withdraw the entire notification. We lost the hard work of three years and an excellent opportunity to send doctors to rural areas.

I must also add that the normal functioning of the ministry was quite adversely affected by the Health Secretary’s inability to recognize and address important priorities. Procurements of life saving drugs and commodities under the national programmes were inordinately delayed. One such example is of TB drugs where we had to face severe criticism not just within the country but globally too. Our Additional Secretary was heckled at an international meeting at Paris in November 2013 and not allowed to speak. Despite my repeated directions, the Health Secretary failed to effectively review the status and take corrective steps. It is unfortunate that in 2013, no Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) could be supplied to malaria endemic states, giving a serious setback to the programme. Critical drugs for malaria were not procured and supplied to states. In case of Kalaazar, which we are committed to eliminate from the country, the most essential drug was not procured.

It is only an alert and attentive Secretary who can provide day to day leadership and monitor performance. A critical responsibility is to ensure rational allocation of resources among schemes and their timely utilization. However, at the time of budget estimates for 2013-14, Shri Desiraju made inter se allocations without any application of mind. Almost the entire increase in plan outlay was parked injion performing schemes. For instance, schemes which had a BE of Rs 6500 crores in 2012-13 but had incurred an expenditure of only Rs 4000 crores,were allocated Rs 8166 crores in 2013–14, at the cost of many other deserving programmes. I had to personally intervene to retrieve the situation and ensure whatever corrections possible at RE Stage. Refusing to learn from past experience, he blindly signed an illogical inter se allocation for 2014-15 as well. I am rather shocked to see that for salary of 1.5 lakh ANMs etc which is a committed liability of government of India for last several decades, gross under–provisioning has been done. In many states, an agitation is on cards for non¬payment of salaries to frontline health workers.

As a matter of fact, these are only some of the several instances which are symptomatic of a very casual approach to work and a habit of signing papers without application of mind. Many of the repercussions, I am afraid, would be witnessed in due course,

I would request you to ensure that these facts are brought to the attention the Hon'ble Prime Minister, if required.

Dr K K Aggarwal on Zee TV

cpr10 Mantra The CPR 10 Mantra is – "within 10 minutes of death, earlier the better; at least for the next 10 minutes, longer the better; compress the centre of the chest of the dead person continuously and effectively with a speed of 10×10 i.e. 100 per minute."

cpr 10 mantra
VIP’s on CPR 10 Mantra Video
Ringtone – CPR 10 Mantra Hindi
Ringtone – CPR 10 Mantra English

Why Spirituality is Friendly to wellbeing

sprritual blog

• What you believe in can have a big impact on health and longevity. People with high levels of religious beliefs or spirituality have lower cortisol responses. Cortisol is a hormone the body releases in response to stress.
• Positive thinking produces nearly a 30 percent drop in perception of pain.
• Spirituality and the practice of religion are associated with a slower progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
• Those who regularly attend organized religious activities may live longer than those who don’t. Regular participation lowers mortality rate by about 12 percent a year.
• People undergoing cardiac rehabilitation feel more confident and perceive greater improvements in their physical abilities if they have a strong faith.
• Increased levels of spirituality and religious faith may help substance abusers kick their habit.
• Spirituality stimulates the relaxation response. When the body is relaxed, the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate all go down, which decreases the body’s stress response.
• Spirituality can affect function of the immune system. Spirituality, faith, church attendance improves immune function in ways that can be measured, like an increase in white blood cells.
• Prayer heals the heart. Positive talking and thinking in the ICU produces better results.
• Spirituality is what brings you peace and safety. It can be achieved through God or Goddess, nature, a beautiful sunset, a meditation, Pranayama, religious meeting, chanting, mind body relaxation, etc. Spirituality is something that can help all the way from promoting wellness to helping with recovery.

cardiology news

Finding Happiness

Once a group of 50 people was attending a seminar, suddenly the speaker stopped and started giving each person a balloon. Each one was asked to write his/her name on it using a marker pen. Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room.

Now these delegates were let in that room and asked to find the balloon which had their name written, within 5 minutes. Everyone was frantically searching for their name, pushing, colliding with each other, and there was utter chaos. At the end of 5 minutes, no one could find their own balloon.

Now each one was asked to randomly collect a balloon and give it to the person whose name was written on it. Within minutes everyone had their own balloon. The speaker began: This is exactly happening in our lives. Everyone is frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is. Our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Give them their happiness, you will get your own happiness.

And this is the purpose of human life.

News Around The Globe

  • Functional decline and disability increase the risk for developing diabetes, a large observational study of adults aged over age 50 years shows. The findings, from over 22,000 participants in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), were published online February 18 in Diabetes Care by Barbara H. Bardenheier, PhD, and colleagues, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Diabetes Translation.
  • Secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure is linked to increased risks for miscarriage, stillbirth, and tubal ectopic pregnancy, according to results from a large observational study published online February 26 in Tobacco Control. The magnitude of the risk appeared to increase with increased exposure.
  • A histoplasmosis case cluster in Arkansas in October 2011 suggests that exposure to a bamboo bonfire may be a new risk factor clinicians should ask about when a patient presents with characteristic symptoms, according to a report published in the February 28 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The investigators point out that heating of spores may potentially increase transmission efficiency and could create a local outbreak among persons exposed to burning bamboo containing bird feces.
  • The US FDA has approved Amylin Pharmaceuticals’ Myalept (metreleptin for injection) as replacement therapy to treat the complications of leptin deficiency, in addition to diet, in patients with congenital generalized or acquired generalized lipodystrophy. This is the first approved therapy for treating the complications associated with congenital or acquired generalized lipodystrophy and follows an 11 to 1 vote in favor of the use of metreleptin in pediatric and adult patients with this condition by an FDA advisory committee in December 2013.
  • New research suggests that lower pre–pregnancy concentrations of sex hormone binding globulin are associated with a higher risk of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

CPR 10 success stories

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2. Hands–only CPR 10 (Hindi)

3. Ms Geetanjali, SD Public School Successful Story

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5. BVN School girl Harshita does successful hands–only CPR 10

6. Elderly man saved by Anuja

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Rabies News (Dr. A K Gupta)

Is observing the dog for 10 days without initiating treatment risky or justifiable?

Observing the dog for 10 days without initiating treatment is risky and not at all justifiable. It is mandatory to start treatment soon after exposure. The vaccination must be started immediately irrespective of the status of the biting animal. Improper treatment to animal bite victims may lead to rabies death and litigation under Consumer Protection Act (COPRA). According to Consumer Protection Act, the animal bite should be considered as "medical urgency" and treated with due care.

cardiology news

(Dr KK Aggarwal, Group Editor in Chief, IJCP Group of Publications and eMedinewS)

  • A new scientific statement by the American Heart Association (AHA) has recommended that depression should join the ranks of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and smoking as an official heart disease risk factor. The AHA Scientific Statement published online February 24 in Circulation notes that the combined findings support the call to formally "elevate depression to the status of a risk factor" for adverse outcomes, such as all-cause and cardiac mortality, in patients who have acute coronary syndrome (ACS).
  • A nationwide analysis of PCI published in the February 26, 2014 issue of JAMA suggests there is wide variability in the practice of blood transfusions and that patients who received blood transfusions fared significantly worse following PCI than those who did not receive them. The study showed the overall transfusion rate was 2.14% among 2.2 million patients who underwent PCI between 2009 and 2013 in the CathPCI Registry. For patients undergoing PCI who received a blood transfusion, there was a significantly increased risk of MI, stroke, and in-hospital death, regardless of bleeding complications.
cardiology news

(Dr KK Aggarwal, Group Editor in Chief, IJCP Group of Publications and eMedinewS)

  • A recent analysis published in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery has suggested that complicated elbow fractures could be added to a growing list of heightened health risks for obese children. Obese kids were nine times more likely to suffer an elbow fracture with multiple fracture lines in the same arm, or with the bone exposed through the skin, compared to normal-weight children. Obese kids were also more likely to have fallen on their outstretched hand. Obese kids were more likely to experience nerve palsy post-surgery.
  • A prospective longitudinal study of adolescents with juvenile-onset fibromyalgia (JFM) showed that more than 80% continued to have symptoms into adulthood and that 51.1% met American College of Rheumatology criteria for adult fibromyalgia (FM) within 6 years, at a mean age of 21 years. At follow-up, patients with juvenile FM had more pain, worse physical function, more anxiety, more depression, and more medical visits than age- and sex-matched control patients (P < .01 for all comparisons). The findings are published in an article published online February 24 in Pediatrics.
cardiology news

Fish Medicine for asthma

The Bathini Goud family, living in Hyderabad, claim that they can cure asthma by making people swallow a 2–inch live fish filled with medicine. They claim that they have been using this treatment for over 160 years.

As per their claim the medicine is stuffed inside the mouth of a live murrel fish, 5–6 cm in size. This fish with medicine is slipped into the mouth of the asthmatic patient, which can easily be swallowed as the fish is slippery. This needs to be taken for three consecutive years.

The medicine is administered on a specific day Mrigashira Kanthi Nakshatra, which normally coincides with arrival of monsoon rains in the first or second week of June. Three doses are given to the patients after every 15 days.

The Goud family never discloses ingredients of their drug. They provide the medicine free of cost. Some people went to the Court of the Andhra Pradesh on 27.01.2013 but the court declined to interfere and pass any orders regarding the administration of substances popularly known as Fish Medicine. They reasoned that although the treatment had no medicinal value, analysis had shown the samples to not be harmful. They said that "if people flock to have a substance out of faith the courts cannot interfere".

My opinion

Asthma is classified as mild intermittent asthma, moderate persistent asthma and severe persistent asthma. The distinction between intermittent and mild persistent asthma is important because current guidelines for moderate persistent asthma call for initiation of daily control medicine. For moderate persistent asthma, the preferred long-term controller is low–dose inhaled steroid.

Mild intermittent asthma is the largest segment of asthmatic patients and they do not require long term treatment. These are the people who may never require steroid inhalers. Over a period of time, these asthmatics may show improvement. Many mild intermittent asthmatics who are allergic to a particular protein may improve over a period of time.

Homeopaths, Ayurveda physicians, naturopaths and others who claim that they can cure asthma, they work only on patients with mild intermittent asthma. If they can demonstrate their results in severe asthma, then their methods can be believed to be of use.

The very fact that somebody has claimed does not mean that it is not scientific or scientifically validated. If they can prove their claim, there is no reason why they should not get Noble Prize. We have seen a similar claim by a person who gives a medicine for jaundice in Chandni Chowk and another person in Agra who claims that the can cure any type of cancer with a herb mixed with goat milk.

cardiology news

Total CPR since 1st November 2012 – 86664 trained

Media advocacy through Web Media

web mediawebmediawebmedia
press release

Binge Eating: New Epidemic of the Society

The American Psychiatric Association has recognized binge eating disorder as a separate diagnosis for the first time in its publication the DSM–5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Elaborating on the condition, Padma Shri, Dr. B C Roy National Awardee & DST National Science Communication Awardee, Dr. K K Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India and Sr National Vice President Indian Medical Association said that people with binge eating disorder frequently eat large amounts of food while feeling a loss of control over their eating.

This disorder is different from binge–purge syndrome (bulimia nervosa) because people with binge eating disorder usually do not purge afterward by vomiting or using laxatives, he further added.

But most people with serious binge eating problems have:

  • Frequent episodes of eating what others would consider an abnormally large amount of food.
  • Frequent feelings of being unable to control what or how much is being eaten.
  • Several of these behaviors or feelings:
    • Eating much more rapidly than usual.
    • Eating until uncomfortably full.
    • Eating large amounts of food, even when not physically hungry.
    • Eating alone out of embarrassment at the quantity of food being eaten.
    • Feelings of disgust, depression, or guilt after overeating.
    • The binges occur at least twice a week for 6 months.

The major complications of binge eating disorder are the diseases that accompany obesity. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, gall bladder disease, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

Out–of–control binge eating is the biggest eating disorder of today more common than anorexia and bulimia combined and contributing to a rise in obesity. Binge eating afflicts 3.5 percent of women and 2 percent of men at some point in their lives.

Binge Eating Disorder is a little more common in women than in men; three women for every two men have it.

Cognitive–behavioral therapy teaches people how to keep track of their eating and change their unhealthy eating habits. It also teaches them how to change the way they act in tough situations. Interpersonal psychotherapy helps people look at their relationships with friends and family and make changes in problem areas. Drug therapy, such as antidepressants, may be helpful for some people.

Large amounts of food high in carbohydrates and sugars are rapidly consumed in a short period of time. The binge itself may only last 15–20 minutes. Proper levels of serotonin and dopamine aid in impulse. Proteins supplement may reduce the craving.

Binge eating differs from compulsive overeating in that the binge eater enjoys the rush and stimulation of planning the binge. Compulsive overeaters tend to crave foods high in carbohydrates, sugars, and salt.

About HCFI : The only National Not for profit NGO, on whose mega community health education events, Govt. of India has released two National Commemorative stamps and one cancellation stamp, and who has conducted one to one training on" Hands only CPR" of 86664 people since 1st November 2012.

The CPR 10 Mantra is – "Within 10 minutes of death, earlier the better; at least for the next 10 minutes, longer the better; compress the centre of the chest of the dead person continuously and effectively with a speed of 10×10 i.e. 100 per minute."

emedipicstoday emedipics

Padma Shri Awardee Dr. K K Aggarwal wins the DST National Award for Outstanding Efforts in Science & Technology Communication

press release

tPA safe in pediatric stroke

vedio of day

today video of the dayPadma Shri & Dr B C Roy National Awardee,Dr KK Aggarwal on Tackling tension headaches

Hands only CPR 10 Utsav, 15th December 2013

Dr KK Aggarwal receives Harpal S Buttar Oration Award from Nobel Laureate Dr Ferid Murad

eMedi Quiz

An increase in which of the following parameters will shift the O2 dissociation curve to the left.

1. Temperature.
2. Partial pressure of CO2
3. 2,3 DPG concentration.
4. Oxygen affinity of hemoglobin

Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: The parameters of sensitivity and specificity are used for assessing:

1.Criterion validity.
2.Construct validity.
3.Discriminant validity.
4.Content validity

Answer for yesterday’s Mind Teaser: 1.Criterion validity.

Correct answers received from: Prabha Sanghi, Dr. P. C. Das, Dr Poonam Chablani, Dr.K.V.Sarma, Dr Jainendra Upadhyay, DR AVTAR KRISHAN

Answer for 28th February Mind Teaser: 4.X–ray diffraction.

Correct answers received from: DR AVTAR KRISHAN, Arvind Gajjar, Dr Jainendra Upadhyay

Send your answer to ijcp12@gmail.com

medicolegal update

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medical querymedical query

medicolegal update
medicolegal update


One semester when my brother, Peter, attended the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, an art–student friend of his asked if he could paint Peter’s portrait for a class assignment. Peter agreed, and the art student painted and submitted the portrait, only to receive a C minus.

The art student approached the professor to ask why the grade was so poor. The teacher told him that the proportions in the painting were incorrect.

"The head is too big," the professor explained. "The shoulders are too wide, and the feet are enormous."

The next day, the art student brought Peter to see the professor. He took one look at my brother and said, "Okay, A minus."

medicolegal update

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medicolegal updatemedicolegal update

medicolegal update

Situation: An 18–year–old girl complained of purulent nasal discharge, nasal congestion, pain in the cheek and upper teeth for last 10 days. CT scan showed maxillary sinusitis.
Reaction: Remember to give macrolides.
Lesson: Make sure to remember that clarithromycin 500 mg twice–daily for 7 days is not only effective in maxillary sinusitis but also in other sinusitis.

medicolegal update

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.

medicolegal update

Dr KK Aggarwal: Long term use of painkillers can cause kidney cancer http://bit.ly/15QdVeB #Health
Dr Deepak Chopra: When you practice philanthropy you can educate people, encouraging them to be independent, more aware, and more creative. http://bit.ly/WAHF_Am #WAYHF

Forthcoming events

Date: Saturday 2PM-Sunday 3PM, 26–27 April 2014
Venue: Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Bhora Kalan, Pataudi Road, Manesar
Course Directors: Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal and BK Sapna
Organisers: Heart Care Foundation of India. Prajapati Brahma Kumari Ishwariye Vidyalaya and eMedinews
Facilities: Lodging and boarding provided (one room per family or one room for two persons). Limited rooms for first three hundred registrants.
Course: Meditation, Lectures, Practical workshops
Atmosphere: Silence, Nature, Pyramid Meditation, Night Walk
Registration: SMS– Vandana Rawat – 9958771177, rawat.vandana89@gmail.com
SMS – BK Sapna 9650692204, bksapna@hotmail.com

Note: Donation in Favor of Om Shanti Retreat Centre will be welcomed

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