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4th  December 2016
Stop NMC Amend MCI 
Dear Colleague
'Stop NMC Amend MCI' is the updated slogan. First of all we congratulate all the state and local branches for the success of the November 16th Stop NMC Satyagraha. It has made the necessary impact with the Government of India. IMA's strength in organising the doctors on an All India basis has positioned it as the rightful leader of the medical profession.
The right way to proceed now is to offer amendments to the MCI Act to address the concerns expressed by the Parliamentary committee while resisting the formation of National Medical Commission. The following is the plan of action for the state branches:
1.    Awareness about NMC bill amongst members
  • A common PowerPoint is being made and will be provided by IMA HQs.
  •  A State level emergency Presidents/ Secretaries meet is suggested to be called to sensitize local branch officials on NMC. This may be combined with a state level workshop on amendments in MCI Act. The recommendations of the workshop may be drafted with clarity and forwarded to the undersigned as early as possible before the central council. These shall address the concerns of the Government and public in the functioning of MCI.  This will include presumed corruption of inspection in medical colleges as well as kickbacks and commissions received by a section of medical fraternity from Scan Centers, Laboratories and other clinical establishments.
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Press Release
Adverse drug reactions: Vigilance and prevention
Over 50% of all adverse drug reactions treated in hospitals and emergency care are preventable.
People can report adverse evets to IMA at 9717776514
New Delhi, Dec 03, 2016: Adverse drug events (ADEs) result in significant injuries and deaths every year. Many ADE related injuries, mortalities and incurring hospital costs can be decreased if healthcare institutions strengthen their systems for preventing and detecting ADEs.
According to Swedish researchers, who conducted a meta-analysis of 22 studies. Human error is inevitable, and therefore systems must be made to reduce the error.
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