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Dr K K Aggarwal

Dr KK Aggarwal
Dr BC Roy Awardee
Sr Physician and Cardiologist,
Moolchand Medcity
President, Heart Care
Foundation of India
Gp Editor-in-Chief,
IJCP Group
Delhi Medical Council
Director, IMA AKN Sinha Institute (08-09)


ovember Wednesday

Dear Colleague,

Patients with low heart functions should not ignore the winter

All heart patients should know the pumping status of their heart called ejection fraction and if low these patients are at risk of sudden cardiac death during winter season. The new 2008 guidelines from American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association for device-based therapy of cardiac rhythm abnormalities suggest that an internal electric shock devise called an ICD therapy is indicated in all patients with heart pump functioning called ejection fraction of less than 35% due to prior heart attack (post 40 days) and who are symptomatic.
The guidelines further suggest that electric device is indicated in patients with non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy also called enlarged heart without blockages who have an pumping function less than or equal to 35% and who are symptomatic. Electric device is also indicated in patients with heart dysfunction due to prior heart attack who are at least 40 days post heart attack with pumping function less than 30% even if they have no symptoms. Electric device is also indicated in patients post heart attack with pumping function less than 40% if they have non sustained ventricular tachycardia (irregular heart rhythm) on 24 hour ECG monitoring of inducible abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation or sustained ventricular tachycardia at electrophysiological study.

Heart failure beware of the winter
Several studies have found a seasonal pattern of deaths from heart attack and sudden death, with more fatal events occurring in the winter than the summer. A similar seasonal variation has been seen in men and women with chronic heart failure. In a large study from France, deaths from heart failure peaked during the winter months of December and January.

The distribution of monthly deaths differed by up to 35 percent when January was compared to August, which is when deaths were the lowest.  Hospitalizations for HF followed the same seasonal pattern, with a winter-spring predominance. Approximately one-fifth of the excess in winter admissions has been attributed to respiratory disease. However sudden death in patients with heart failure does not follow a circadian rhythm, in contrast to the circadian variation (most deaths between 6 AM and 12 PM) seen in the occurrence of out-of-hospital sudden death or acute heart attack in the general population.

Dr K K Aggarwal


Hospital Nursing Home wing at IMA
 in the 202 working committee meeting it was resolved that a nursing home and hospital wing of IMA will be formed at th4 national level.

Cocoa in Chocolate May Be Good for the Heart.
In a study diet included 40 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder (about 1.4 ounces) mixed with skim milk daily, or plain skim milk. After one month, those who drank the cocoa-flavored milk had lower levels of inflammatory markers associated with heart disease than those drinking the milk alone. (American Society for Nutrition; November 2009, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

For gout milk is good?
Drinking skim milk may help people manage their gout, according to research presented this week at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Scientific Meeting in Philadelphia. Previous studies have indicated that individuals who drink a lot of milk have a lower risk of developing gout.

With the help of 16 healthy male volunteers, researchers studied the effects of drinking soy milk and three different types of skim milk, produced at different times of the milking season from grass-fed cows. Each participant received a single dose of each product (each containing 80 grams of protein) in random order. Researchers found that after drinking the soy milk, the serum uric acid increased by about 10 percent. In contrast, all skim milks led to a decrease in serum uric acid by approximately 10 percent. All beverages (including the soy milk) rapidly increased the ability of the kidneys to remove uric acid from the body.  Late season skim milk led to a greater increase in the removal of uric acid by the kidneys when compared to the other skim milks.

New launch

Getwell Life Sciences launched Getwell Life Sciences VIZILITE PLUS, a Oral cancer detection disposable device, manufactured by ZILA Pharmaceuticals USA. Suresh Pathak CEO said that India has highest incidence of oral cancers. It is estimated that 65,000 patients are diagnosed with oral cancer every year and there are about 162,000 patients at any point of time. An early diagnosis of oral cancer can save lives. Although screening through visual examination is recommended for oral cancers, Adjunctive Screening Technologies (AST) like ViziLite Plus enables the detection of lesions that could be missed otherwise.  VizyLite Plus is a powerful, easy to use (disposable) oral cancer screening technology with the help of low intensity chemiluminescent light of a specific wave-length and a patented TBlue marking system which facilitates identification of minutest precancerous lesions.

One liner

You are what you eat

Conference Calendar

Revisiting 2009, 10th January, MAMC Delhi, emedinews@gmail.com 

Funny one liners

 Silence of 2 minutes in a women conference.

Letters to the editor

1. Respected sir,  I congratulate you on everyday getting important matters to write on and your brain waves.  I must say contents and topics are of importance and interest. This is maintaining good standards. Dr. Vinita

2. I want to add some further tips for rough measuring of TLC in a some what better way. One should first see and count WBCs in a PBF from three different places. Head, middle and tail. Then divide the total by three. Reason associated is that many of the white blood cell roll towards tail while the peripheral film is being made. {Dr Satish Chugh)

3.Though Asha hardly gets the time to go through you informative e.medinews but I regularly go through the same and take a print out to show it to Asha.  It is really amazing how a busy person like you can get time to send this knowledgeable information to all of us.  Not being a doctor, I still read every page of it and understand what the medical science is doing for humanity.  As a member of DMC you have taken up few right issues, i.e. Doctors Protection cell and waiver of registration fee for senior doctors.  It is a step in the right direction. As a matter of fact the renewal fees should be waived for all except knowing the latest address and well being of the doctor so that the records are updated. I wish you good health and good luck so that you can continue the good work being done by you for the medical fraternity and general public at large.[Ashok Ahooja]

4.Many thanks for beautiful emedinews. I am storing all news letters. Pl continue this beautiful E-medinews [Dr. Pramod Lokegaonkar]

5. Thanks for taking up the matter of re-registration fees in DMC meeting. Please let me know the status of doctors who are registered with Medical council of India, as section 27 of MCI Act 1956 provides that any medical practitioner whose name is on Indian Medical Register can practice in any part of India. Is there need for a regd. medical practitioner to register with UP Haryana and Delhi Medical Councils, if he or she is working in various cities of NCR located in different States? [Dr Kamlesh Kanodia]

A guy walks into work and both his ears are all bandaged up.
The boss says, What happened to your ears?
He says: Yesterday I was ironing a shirt when the phone rang and I accidentally answered the iron.
The boss says: Well that explains one ear, but what happened to your other ear?
He says: Well, jeez, I had to call the doctor

Formula to know
For every one degree rise in temperature the pulse should rise by ten.

Mistake of the day

Never write 2u insulin, write 2 units. As u may be misread as 0 and patient may be given 20 units of insulin.

Thought for the day
To be special means to have a gift for everyone we meet. Usually we are ready to give physical gifts to people but when it comes to being a giver in the form of understanding or love, we cannot always be a giver. We usually begin to expect from others. We need to make sure that we have a gift for everyone we meet; it could even be a smile or a kind word. When our focus is on what we have to give, we will be free from expectations from others. This will make us truly special. (B K Sapna)

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