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3rd August, 2017
 Straight from the Heart: I am proud of being a "Doctor with a Stethoscope"

During my MBBS at MGIMS, Wardha, I was exposed to Vedantic medicine. Later, I also began to write and speak on Vedantic medicine, the science behind vedas. Because, most of my talks include a vedic prescription, I started wearing a stethoscope so that I was not mistaken to be a non-allopathic doctor.
I have now been wearing the stethoscope around my neck over the last several years. And, people have often asked me the reason for doing so.
I can recall having saved at least 20 unknown lives, just because I was wearing a stethoscope. There are 'n' number of instances, where I have done CPR outside the sanctuary of hospitals. I have also handled first aid during air travel dozens of time. 
I would like to share with you some stories of my experience of wearing the stethoscope.
This Monday, I was traveling from Trivandrum to Delhi via Kochi. At Kochi airport, while the aircraft was on the runway and taking off, a lady passenger became breathless. She had a history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and had taken heparin one hour before.
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