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3rd April 2016
Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
Most doctors are not negligent
In the United States, just 2% of practicing physicians are responsible for half of the nation's total medical malpractice payments.

Best doctors often have more cases filed against them because they simply take on riskier patients. This does not necessarily mean doctors against whom the cases have been filed are bad doctors.
Those who are more likely to get sued are those who dive right into the most difficult cases, those who are willing to take cases where there are no other options, that may not have a good outcome and other doctors will turn down. Otherwise all doctors will take only simple cases where they know they will have success and therefore, their records stay clean.

Medical malpractice claims are much lower when patients feel that they can talk to their doctor and most importantly, when they feel that their doctors are listening to them. 
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Practice Updates
FDA Update: FDA approves 1st treatment for severe hepatic veno-occlusive disease
JAMA Pediatrics Update: Study suggests bringing back whole-cell pertussis vaccine
JCEM Update: Endocrine Society Scientific Statement recommends against routine compounded bioidentical hormone therapies
EMA Update: EMA Panel recommends Pandemic Avian Influenza Vaccine
Diabetes Care Update: Study finds association between biomarkers of iron stores and type 2 diabetes
American Journal of Gastroenterology Update: Most patients who discontinue anti-TNF drugs while in clinical remission may relapse in time
ISME Journal Update: Cigarette smoking alters the mouth microbiota
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention Update: Daily coffee may protect against colorectal cancer
Neurology Update: Right Brain May Aid Speech Recovery after Left-Sided Stroke
The Lancet Update: People living in activity-friendly neighborhoods take up to 90 mins more exercise per week
British Journal of Healthcare Management Update: New study confirms the benefits of clinical coaching in reducing COPD hospital admissions
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Lifestyle Updates
eWellness: Managing Diabetes 
  • People with pre diabetes are at increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and Paralysis.
  • More than 25% people have pre diabetes (blood sugar level more than 90 but below 126 mg/dL) but only 4% know it needs attention...Read more

eSpiritual: Types of Memory
The easiest way to remember types of memory is by understanding the concept of Suno, Samjho, Jano and Karo (hearing, listening, knowledge and wisdom)...Read more

Inspirational Story: The Bumblebee 
According to scientists, the bumblebee's body is too heavy and its wing span too small. Aerodynamically, the bumblebee cannot fly. But the bumblebee doesn't know that and it keeps flying...Read more
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Second Opinion Required
Press Release
215th Central Working Committee meeting of the Indian Medical Association commences at Hotel Clarks Shiraz in Agra
 Organized by the IMA UP Branch, the meeting sees attendance of over 350 IMA leaders from across State branches
New Delhi, April 02, 2016: The annual Central Working Committee meeting of the Indian Medical Association, the oldest and largest representative organization of doctors of modern scientific medicine commenced today in the historical city of Agra. The two-day meeting being organized by IMA’s UP branch has seen attendance of over 350 State heads of the National body. 

Prominent IMA leaders present at the meeting include Dr. A Marthanda Pillai – Immediate Past President IMA, Dr Vinay Aggarwal – Chairman Organizing Committee and Past President IMA, Dr SS Agarwal – National President IMA, Dr KK Aggarwal – Honorary Secretary General IMA & Dr Sharad Aggarwal – Chairman Reception Committee. The Chief Guest and conference mentor is none other than Dr. Ketan Desai – President Elect World Medical Association.

The main agenda of the Central Working Committee is to evaluate and discuss issues of National importance affecting the functioning and efficacy of the medical community in the country. The primary issue being the increasing violence against doctors as well as redundant laws which the medical fraternity is being subjected to including coming under the ambit of the consumer protection act, issue of unjustified compensation in cases of medical negligence as well as the unjust nature PCPNDT Act.
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Yoga for Health
Effects of Yogasanas on postmenopausal osteoporosis 

Integrated yoga is a safe mode of physical activity, which includes weight bearing as well as not weight bearing asanas, Pranayama, and surya namaskar, all of which helps induce improvement in BMD in postmenopausal osteoporotic females (Int J Yoga. 2016 Jan-Jun;9(1):44-8).
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IMA Updates
IMA TB Initiative 
IMA Starts Nodal center for adverse drug reactions

IMA PvPI Initiative has started a nodal center at IMA headquarters. All IMA members can now report adverse reactions to drugs, vaccines, medical devices, Blood products and herbal products at IMA PvPI helpline 9717776514, open Monday to Friday 9-5.30PM
IMA Lybrate Initiative: Ask the Specialist & others 
IMA Polio Dates
  • April 1st: tOPV would not be available after this date.
  • April 11th: bOPV would be available in private market but it is not to be opened or used before 25th April.
  • April 25: IMA Polio Switch Day, when tOPV would be completely withdrawn and replaced by bOPV in both routine immunization and polio campaigns.
  • 9th May: IMA National Validation Day when India would be declared free of tOPV. 

IMA Satyagraha - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV1zCH33BlU

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Digital IMA
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