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30th August, 2017
IMA Fast for Non Violence on 2nd October 

Dear Colleague
During the recent meeting of IMA National Action Group, it has been decided to observe "IMA Fast for Non Violence", a Dawn to Dusk Fast by every Branch and every member of IMA on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, October 2, 2017 from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm, to mark our continuing Satyagraha to the Government to take action on our demands.
All Medical Organizations and Associations (FOMA) and all members of IMA are requested through our State & Local Leaders to observe the fast on 2nd October 2017, in support of our pending demands.
The broad guidelines for observing the above Fast shall be as follows:-
  • Pandals to be erected near the District Collectorate in all the Districts of the country.
  • Prominent leaders of the district to take part in the Fast.
  • Necessary banners, backdrops and Placards to be prepared and displayed in the Pandal (content will be made available soon on IMA website).
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New Delhi, 29 August 2017: As per recent statistics, India has only about 1 million allopathic doctors to treat its population of over 1.3 billion people. Of this, only 1.1 lakh doctors work in the public health sector and therefore, about 900 million people in the rural areas are dependent on this small number of doctors for their healthcare requirements. According to the IMA, in such a situation, patients must share beds and doctors face severe burnout due to the skewed doctor-patient ratio in these areas.
India lacks adequate number of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and public health workers. There is a wide gap in the quality of and access to healthcare.
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