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30th June, 2017
The principles of creative thinking

Creativity is a mindset that encourages imaginative thinking, unencumbered by rules and regulations. A creative person is willing to break free from his comfort zone to be innovative and create new ideas and concepts. 
The creative process at first seems serendipitous or by chance, but in fact, is an outcome of various processes that occur in a logical sequence.
  • Have an intention to create something “intended information”. This can be illustrated by the first three avatars of Vishnu.
- Be like the fish, Vishnu’s first incarnation (Matsya avatar); a fish can swim against the tide, which indicates that one should acquire the quality of taking independent decisions and not just follow what others say. Do not believe in mass imitation or “bhed chaal” or herd mentality. Instead learn to be different from others.
- The second Tortoise (Kurma Avatar) advocates learning the quality of “when to say no” or “when to withdraw completely” from a situation.
- The third Varaha Avatar or the Boar depicts the quality of not accepting defeat, even at the cost of his life. The boar symbolizes persistence.
- Collectively, these three avatars teach us that once one has learned the qualities of taking independent decisions and when to withdraw, the next thing to learn is that the withdrawal should not be permanent. Instead wait for the right opportunity and stay committed till the goal is achieved.
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IMA lauds Prime Minister Modi's stand on violence against doctors
Says the government should finally sit up and take notice of the issues plaguing this noble profession and work towards resolving them

New Delhi, 29 June 2017: In what can be called another ray of hope in IMA's collective voice and stand against the atrocities faced by the medical fraternity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed one of the most pertinent issues that the Association is fighting for-- that of increasing violence against doctors and those in the medical profession. IMA lauded the PM's stand on the issue in his speech on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat.
In his speech, the Hon'ble Prime Minister expressed his disbelief and angst on the fact that the people of a country that reveres the proponent of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi, should act against doctors and indulge in violence against them. Calling doctors as life givers, Mr Modi said that the country's collective consciousness needs a drastic change.
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