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30th May, 2017
Straight from the heart: Enough is Enough
Dear Colleague, Past National Presidents, Past Honorary Secretary Generals, Teachers and Friends
Greetings from the  Indian Medical Association (IMA), the collective consciousness of all doctors in India 
At present, we are directly connected to 3 lakh doctors and indirectly to more than 12 lakh doctors through Federation of Medical Associations (FOMA). And, via the World Medical Association (WMA), we connect to 112 countries.
IMA has declared the "Dilli Chalo" movement on 6th June to bring to the attention of the Nation the plight of the medical profession, which is being strangulated from all directions and facing its worst period. Doctors are being denied justice even within the frame work of the constitution of India.
How come everybody, including the government, is silently watching the rising incidents of violence against doctors? We become doctors to serve and not to harm the community. We are not against accountability, but no one can be allowed to take law in their hands.
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Criminal prosecution of medical negligence unacceptable, says IMA
A fair judgment will help in retaining the nobility of the medical profession

New Delhi, 29 May 2017: Highlighting another pertinent issue faced by the medical fraternity, the IMA has expressed its disagreement over the criminal prosecution of medical negligence and clerical errors and called it unacceptable. This is one of the many issues leading up to the Dilli Chalo movement being organized by the IMA on 6th June 2017. To be joined in entirety by the medical fraternity, the march will be undertaken by over a lakh doctors in the country, both digitally and physically, and followed by deliberations on issues ailing the medical profession.

According to a judgment passed by the Supreme Court in 2004, it had stated that the medical man cannot be proceeded against for punishment for every mishap or death during treatment.
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