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30th December 2016
Final Clarification regarding PC&PNDT registration of a person having done MBBS & other PG Degrees

 Withdrawal of earlier circular with error dated 23rd December and circulation of corrected circular

 An e-circular dated 23rd December, 2016 was mailed to IMA members on the above said subject. This circular inadvertently carried a factual error. 

In a line in the e-circular as follows:  "This affidavit needs to be submitted with the application for PNDT Registration. However, they may NOT be permitted to carry out ANC Ultrasound", the word 'NOT' had been missed out, which completely altered the meaning of the sentence. The final and corrected version may kindly be noted.
This circular was published in All IMA Google Groups and eIMA.
The error and confusion caused is sincerely regretted.
The corrected notification is as below. 
Corrected Circular
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Office for the Chief District Medical Officer South East District
Directorate of Health Services Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Delhi govt. Dispensary building
PVR Complex, Saket, New Delhi - 110 0017

F.No.13(07)CDMO/SED/PNDT/Misc/Part II/2268 Date 19-9-16
All Medical Directors/Medical Superintendent/Directors/Owners
PNDT Registered Centres
South East District
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Sub: Clarification regarding registration of a person having done MBBS and other PG Degree 
A letter from SPO, PC & PNDT, Directorate Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi dated 11/8/16 vide letter no. F9/7/1/PNDT/DFW/o3/Pt. File II/4943-53 has been enclosed for "Clarification regarding registration of a person having done MBBS and other PG Degrees".
Under the PNDT Act, it is hereby clarified that all the specialties other than MD/DNB in Radio/Obstetric should be allowed to undertake ultrasound & can use Ultrasound equipments/Echo Machines  in their concerned specialized fields if the Ultrasound equipment / Echocardiology Machine is required in that specialized field.
The concerned Doctors are strictly directed to:
1.     Do Ultrasound/Echocardiography only in their own field of specialization.
2.     Do not conduct any ANC Ultrasound (Submit affidavit)
3.     Will be allowed to do USG/Echo cardiology only at the centre for which they have been registered under PNDT Act with PNDT Cell, South East District.

They however need to be registered with the PNDT & submit a self explanatory affidavit specifying the use of Ultrasound would be for so & so purposes and not for ANC check-ups.
This affidavit needs to be submitted with the application for PNDT Registration. However, they may NOT be permitted to carry out ANC Ultrasound.
This is with prior approval of Competent Authority.
Copy to: 
1. PA to District Magistrate cum District Appropriate Authority SED
2. SPO, PNDT, DFW, Vikas Bhawan II, Civil Lines, Delhi
3. DNO, PNDT, PVR Complex, Saket, ND-17
4. Office Copy
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Government of India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
This Ministry has prepared a draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2016 to introduce among others Exit Examination for MBBS level, Combined Counselling for admission in UG level and PG level and reservation of upto 50% of the seats of Post Graduate Courses for Medical Officers. A copy of the draft Bill is attached.
General Public is hereby requested to send suggestions/feedback in respect of the draft Bill. Suggestions may be furnished to by 06.01.2017.
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