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30th October 2019

A Village to Call My Own

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

Reproduced from: India Legal, http://www.indialegallive.com/viewpoint/a-village-to-call-my-own-74367; published October 26, 2019

The Medical Council of India has recommended that PG medical students must serve three months in a district hospital before they get their degrees. This is a welcome move.

There are four types of patients. The first are ignorant patients who form the majority and belong to rural India or the rural urban belt in cities and metros. They depend totally on doctors for treatment and decisions. They may or may not have access to Google but all of them need affordable healthcare...read more

Regularly screen Parkinson disease patients for visual impairment

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

Visual symptoms are significantly more common in patients with Parkinson disease (PD), which reduce quality of life. But they are under-recognized and under-treated, suggests a new study published in the European Journal of Neurology.

Ocular surface dryness, Impaired contrast sensitivity or color discrimination, convergence insuffciency resulting in blurry or double vision with near viewing are some of the visual problems that are common in patients with PD...read more

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Practice Updates

Experts urge Centre to remove trans-fatty acids by 2021

Consumer organizations and health experts have written to the Union Health Ministry asking it to advance the 2022 deadline for the elimination of trans-fatty acids in Indian food to 2021. Over 77,000 deaths annually are attributed to trans fats consumption in India.... read more

De-addiction: Punjab implements new Act

CHANDIGARH: Bringing them under the ambit of the new Mental Healthcare Act, the Punjab health department has started the provisional registration of private de-addiction centers in the state. The move has come after the Punjab and Haryana High Court direction on regularizing private... read more

Humid, windy days worse for pain, says study

Humid, windy days with low pressure make pain worse in those with long-term health conditions, according to new research. People with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine and neuropathic pain are 20% more likely to suffer pain in such weather,... read more

NAFLD Not Associated With Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is not associated with an increased risk of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) or stroke, according to a new cohort study in nearly 18 million Europeans... read more

Abx Prophylaxis Cuts Early Death in Newly Diagnosed Myeloma

Prophylactic levofloxacin reduced the risk of infection and early death for patients newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a randomized trial in the U.K. found. In the study of close to 1,000 such patients, a 12-week course of levofloxacin during anti-myeloma... read more

Nitrous Oxide Appears Helpful for Labor Pain, but Many Women Progress to Epidural

Most women who try nitrous oxide for labor pain are satisfied with it, although most move on to an epidural, according to a large retrospective study. In a review of the medical records of close to 2,000 women (mean age, 28) who used nitrous oxide... read more

IDEJ Update

Indian Diabetes Educator Journal (IDEJ), 1st of its kind in India aims to keep the members of diabetes care team abreast with concepts of DSME (Diabetes self-management education) and DSMS (Diabetes self-management support). IDEJ has set a new benchmark in educating the diabetes educators about evolving the concept of DSME- reaching to more than 25000 through Digital and Print Medium..... read more

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