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Dr K K Aggarwal

Dr KK Aggarwal
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Moolchand Medcity
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Foundation of India
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Delhi Medical Council
Director, IMA AKN Sinha Institute (08-09)


30th October

Dear Colleague,

 Diphtheria cases on the rise in NCR?

If one has to believe on the figures Diphtheria is on the rise in NCR.  The reported cases were 180 in 2006, 237 in 2007, 284 in 2008 and 247 (till 27.10.09) in 2009. The number may cross 300 this year. The resurgence of diphtheria was recently also reported in Malegaon and Dhule in Maharashtra by Dravid and Joshi.

Diphtheria toxoid is a part of Universal Immunisation Programme, UIP in combination with tetanus toxoid and pertussis vaccine (DTP). Among all vaccines, diphtheria toxoid is one of the most effective and safest. Resurgence of diphtheria is therefore quite disturbing. There cause may be failure of UIP to achieve satisfactory vaccine coverage or some failure of the vaccine to protect children from diphtheria.

In Hyderabad also a report by Bitragunta and colleagues has shown rising trends during 2003 to 2006 with rise of annual incidence 11 per 100,000 in 2003 to 23 per 100,000 in 2006. In Delhi a 2007 study reported 1118 patients with diphtheria during 1998 to 2004 in Maharishi Valmiki Infectious Diseases Hospital, with an annual average of 159 and peak number in 2003. The persistence and resurgence of diphtheria in recent years have also been reported in Mumbai, Rajkot (Gujarat) and Assam.

These reports represent only the tip of the iceberg as many clinicians who see cases may not report them. There is no systematic disease surveillance for diphtheria in India. The Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) that is currently in vogue has no information on diphtheria.

Infection by the causative bacteria is highly contagious, vaccination is the only method to prevent cases and control outbreaks. India is no longer a poor country, but is the fifth largest economy in the world and needs better treatment. (Source ICMR John Jacob)

It?s a matter of concern said Dr V K Monga past chairman MCD health committee who confirmed the figures and said that all doctors in the NCR should be on the look for such cases so that subclinical cases are not missed.  

Dr KK Aggarwal

Can a council help in compromise between doctor and the patient complainant?

A: In one of the DMC order passed on 19th December, 2006, the Council examined the complaint of Sh P Singhal alleging medical negligence and professional misconduct on the part of he respondent in the treatment administered to the complainant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. The Council felt that there was no medical negligence in the treatment administered to the complainant. However, with the intervention of the Council, the treating doctor agreed to provide further treatment to the complainant to which the complainant consented.

Alcohol reduces heart risk at the cost of cancer
Regular consumption of low to moderate amounts of alcohol by women increases the risk of cancers of the upper aero digestive tract, rectum, liver, and breast, all of which have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer to be causally linked to alcohol intake. No statistically significant increases were found between increasing alcohol intake and cancer at other organ sites.

Compared with the many studies that have reported an increased risk of various forms of cancer with alcohol intake, far fewer studies have reported that alcohol drinking appears to be associated with a reduced risk of certain other cancers. Further investigations of the possibility that alcohol reduces the risk of thyroid cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and renal cell carcinoma are warranted.

Stem cell cartilage to mend broken knees
According to a study from US, damaged knee joints can be repaired with new cartilage grown from stem cells in laboratory. These adult stem cells can be from bone marrow, skin as well as human embryonic stem cells. The work started in early 1990s at Rice University. Their engineered cartilage will be live, biological cartilage that will not only fill defects, but also potentially be able to resurface the entire areas of joints damaged by osteoarthritis. Cartilage is a rare tissue that lacks the ability to heal itself.

Aerobic exercises improve artery health in elderly diabetics

According to a new study, elderly diabetic patients can enhance elasticity of their arteries with aerobic exercise. Healthy arteries prevent stroke and heart attack. Results of a study showed that older diabetics showed improved artery health (15-20%) in just three months of aerobic exercise. The study was presented at the 2009 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, co-hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. Aerobic exercises include stair climbing, walking indoors or out, gardening, golfing, dancing, and Yoga. It is important that the elderly learn  how to do aerobic exercise safely.

India declares itself free from bird flu

India has declared itself free from the notifiable Avian Influenza (H5N1) or the Bird flu. A notification to this effect was issued to the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) on October 22. A country can declare itself free from birdflu, if there has been no outbreak for three months. The last outbreak in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal was notified on May 27, 2009. Since then, there has been no further outbreak. However, surveillance would be continued across the country, particularly in the susceptible areas bordering the infected countries and in areas visited by migratory birds.

Do you know?
In 1974 Govt. of Cyprus said Ochi. No to Thalassemia.  No new Thalassemia Major born after 1984.

Want to remain healthy do not divorce
Researchers have long thought that marriage is good for your health, but it has been less clear how you will fare if you lose your spouse to divorce or death. Now, a new study shows that scenario spells trouble, even if you go to the altar once again. In fact, people who ceased being married at some point in their lives were significantly more likely to have chronic health problems than those who stayed married, researchers found.[ Journal of Health and Social Behavior.]

Silver-colored dental fillings that contain mercury are safe
The U.S. FDA said that silver-colored dental fillings that contain mercury are safe for patients, reversing an earlier caution against their use in certain patients, including pregnant women and children. While elemental mercury has been associated with adverse health effects at high exposures, the levels released by dental amalgam fillings are not high enough to cause harm in patients.

Conference calendar
International Symposium: Genetic and Epigenetic Basis of Complex Disease, at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad during 5th to 7th December 2009. [http://www.ccmb.res.in/ge2009]

Life is like that

Wife (to husband returning from the doctor): Well, did the doctor find out what you had? Husband: Almost, I had 200 Rs. with me and he charged me Rs. 200.

Thought of the Day
The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience: Mahatma Gandhi.

Q: What is a double blind study?
A: Two orthopedicians reading an electrocardiogram.

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1. Dear Dr Aggarwal: Thanks a lot for information on fatty liver. As Ultrasonologist I am getting 15-20% incidence of fatty liver in general population. Good effort. [Dr Aniul K Gupta,MD]

2. Your initiative of updating us on a daily baasis through enews is highly commended which not only is updating our knowledge but for those involved in direct patient care, I am sure is helping in providing improved treatment. Good luck. Dr. G. R. Khatri, MD, DPH: President World Lung Foundation South Asia

3. Thanks for this daily dose of  emedinews.It is a great service to your fellow collegues .
Today's Breaking News Liver Fat More Bad, is an eye opener. Thanks again. Regards,

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