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2nd September, 2017
AEDs should be installed near walking tracks
Sudden cardiac arrest, as we know, is cessation of activity of the heart, which can be revived after resuscitation. Sudden cardiac death, on the other hand, is unsuccessful sudden cardiac arrest. 
A sudden cardiac arrest can be revived with prompt chest compression CPR and defibrillation. This will also prevent sudden cardiac death.
A sudden cardiac arrest may not be as sudden as the name might suggest. Most victims of sudden cardiac arrest have tell-tale warning signs preceding the cardiac attack such as chest pain and pressure, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and/or flu-like symptoms (such as nausea, back pain and/or abdominal pain).
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Physical activity is essential for the elderly too
Lack of exercise can reduce mobility and increase the risk of falls
Important to consult a doctor before beginning any exercise regime
New Delhi, 01 September 2017: A recent study has found that older people who watch TV for more than five hours a day and indulge in physical activity for less than three hours a week stand the chances of acquiring walking difficulties.(1) Such individuals had a 65% greater risk of developing mobility disability compared to those who watched TV for a lesser duration.
According to the IMA, prolonged periods of inactivity in those above the age of 50 can have negative effects on their health.
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