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CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster: COVID Update

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA
2nd August 2020
With inputs from Dr Monica Vasudev.
1031: Can Trained Dogs Identify COVID-19 Infections?

Following some training, dogs may be able to sniff out and spot the individuals infected with the coronavirus, revealed a study published in BMC Infectious Diseases. This was a small pilot project tested by the German Armed Forces, the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover and the Hanover Medical School... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

World COVID Meter 1st August: India Number 3, 213 Countries Affected

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA
2nd August 2020
Cases : 1M April 2, 2M April 15, 3M April 27, 4M May 8, 5M May 20, 6M May 30, 7M June 7, 8M June 15, 9M June 22, 10M June 29th, 11M July 4, 12M July 8, 13M July 13, 14M July 17, 15M July 23, 16M July 25, 17M July 29. Ground Zero: Wuhan - in live animal market or cafeteria for animal pathogens: 10th January; Total cases are based on RT PCR, 67% sensitivity. Coronavirus Cases: 17,754,183, Deaths: 682,885, Recovered: 11,158,280... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

A Rise in Alcohol Use Disorder and Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease amid COVID-19?

2nd August 2020Gastroenterology Hepatology Multispeciality
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has had a huge impact globally over the past few months, since it began in 2019. It is being speculated that the pandemic will not affect all individuals equally,... Read more »

Hypertension Update

Dr k k Aggarwal

CCB and ARB combination can prevent CV events in elderly high-risk hypertensive patients with CKD

2nd August 2020 Hypertension
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is displayed by decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Globally, CKD is a public health disorder and a higher incidence can be seen in the older population. Evidence shows that... Read more »

News From All Specialities

WHO: Impact of COVID-19 will be felt for decades to come

2nd August 2020 Business and MedicinePathology & Lab Medicine
The World Health Organization Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has stated that the effects of the global COVID-19 outbreak will continue far into the future. This pandemic represents a once-in-a-century health crisis, and its effects are going to be felt for decades to come... Read more »

Role of povidone iodine in reducing cross-infection and protecting healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

2nd August 2020Public Health ENT
The Coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, which reportedly originated from Wuhan, China, was declared as a pandemic on March 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization. The viral illness poses a significant threat to healthcare workers... Read more »
Practice Updates

Frontline workers wearing PPE still at high risk of COVID-19 infection: Study

2nd August 2020 Pathology & Lab Medicine Pulmonary Medicine
Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) while caring for patients with COVID-19 does not seem to be enough to completely eradicate the threat from the virus for frontline workers, suggests a new study from King's College London. Healthcare workers with adequate gloves,...Read more »
Practice Updates

COVID-19 test results in 30 seconds or less: Israelis test new technologies at Delhi’s RML

2nd August 2020 Pathology & Lab Medicine Pulmonary Medicine
Trials are underway at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital on four different technologies, including a breath analyzer and a voice test that can potentially detect COVID-19 in about 30 seconds. The Directorate of Defense Research and Development... Read more »

Long Sleep or Sleep Apnea in Middle Age Double Risk for AD

2nd August 2020 Psychiatry Neurology
Middle-aged individuals with sleep apnea or who get >9 hours of sleep at night have over two-fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) within about 6 years, suggests new research. A UK Biobank study of over 500,000 individuals suggested that excessive daytime sleepiness...Read more »
Practice Updates

Kids' Noses May Have More COVID-19 Virus than Adults'

2nd August 2020Emergency Medicine Pharmacists
Young children below the age of 5 years with mild to moderate COVID-19 were found to have high amounts of SARS-CoV-2 in their upper respiratory tract compared to adults or older children in a new research. In a cohort of 145 patients less than 1 month of age to 65 years separated by age,...Read more »

PCOS Cover Story :

CPA/EE highly effective in improving acne as early as 3 months...Read more »


Medicolegal Corner

Is it legally necessary for a physician to display his registration number while issuing a payment receipt?

2nd August 2020
Yes, it is mandatory for the registered medical practitioner to mention his registration number issued to him by Medical Council of India or any State Medical Council on the payment receipt/money receipt issued by him to his/her patients...Read more »

eMedi Humor

For crying out loud

2nd August 2020
With all the new technology regarding fertility, an 88-year-old woman was able to give birth to a baby recently. When she was discharged from the hospital and went home, various relatives came to visit. "May we see the new baby?" one of them asked. "Not yet," said the mother...Read more »

eMedi Quiz

What is the main reason women have trouble becoming pregnant after age 30?

2nd August 2020
A. Their ovaries release fewer eggs.
B. Their eggs have begun to degenerate.
C. They have sex less frequently...Read more »

Lifestyle Updates

eWellness: Tips to relieve heartburn

2nd August 2020
• Avoid foods that seem to trigger your symptoms.
• Eat small portions and don't overeat; chew food slowly and completely.
• Avoid smoking, eating quickly, chewing gum, and drinking carbonated beverages as they lead to swallowing excess air... Read more »

eSpiritual: The science behind observing Shradhs

2nd August 2020
According to the Vedas, every individual has three debts to be paid off - firstly, of the Devtas (Dev Rin), secondly of Guru and teachers (Rishi Rin) and, thirdly, of Ancestors (Pitra Rin). From the scientific point of view, devtas represent people with Daivik qualities; teachers the ones who have...Read more »

Inspirational: A simple gesture

2nd August 2020
A little boy had to sell magazines for school. He walked up to a house that people seldom visited. It was an old, run down and the owner rarely came out. And whenever he did come out, he would not talk to anyone. The boy knocked on the door...Read more »

Medical Voice

Antibody drug lowers risk of death in elderly covid-19 patients - Cuban study

2nd August 2020
An antibody drug already being used against the coronavirus in Cuba decreased the risk of intensive care admission and death among nursing home residents with moderate covid-19, according to a small study conducted in the island nation. ,India's Biocon Ltd said earlier this month it received...Read more »


Medical voice

Doctors Survey

Question 1 : Which of these courses would you pay for - You can select multiple options
How to modernize clinic
Growing your digitize you clinic and practice...
Medical voice

How Corona Aware Are You

Question 1 : How confident are you that you could recognize and respond to a potential coronavirus case?
Very confident
Moderately confident...


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Practical efficacy of olmesartan vs. azilsartan in patients with hypertension: MUSCAT-4 study

A randomized-controlled trial compared the practical efficacy of olmesartan with azilsartan in 84 patients treated with conventional ARBs for more than 3 months. These patients were randomly allocated to receive either 20mg of olmesartan (olmesartan medoxomil, OL group) or 20mg of azilsartan (azilsartan, AZ group)... Read more »



Exercise and Nutritional Intervention for Adults with Sarcopenic Obesity

People with sarcopenic obesity (SO) have both low muscle mass, i.e., sarcopenia, and high body fat, i.e., obesity. These individuals are at a greater risk of metabolic diseases and physical disability when compared with people with sarcopenia or obesity alone... Read more »


The skin microbiome: impact of modern environments on skin ecology, barrier integrity and systemic immune programming

An article published in the World Allergy Organization Journal elaborated on how the skin barrier structure and function are essential to human health. The authors stated that unrecognized functions of epidermal keratinocytes show... Read more »


An antibiofilm hydrofiber wound dressing: Clinical and in vitro performance

Biofilm has often been cited as a key pathological factor in non-healing wounds. It therefore seems crucial to manage the biofilm in order to expedite wound healing and achieve the desired outcome. A study by Scully and colleagues compared the clinical and in vitro performance... Read more »

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