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2nd August 2019

Physician suicide is a public health crisis: Suicidal ideation should not be ignored (Part 3)

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

A 30-year-old resident doctor of Safdarjung Hospital here was found dead on Tuesday morning in his room at a rented accommodation in southeast Delhi's Lajpat Nagar area, police said, as reported in Times of India. He was found lying on a mattress with an intravenous drip in his arm. The victim was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared brought dead. He was pursuing a post-graduation in anesthesia from Safdarjung Hospital.

Doctors have the highest suicide rate among all the professions. Suicides among doctors are increasing at an alarming rate in India. Doctors are about 1.87 times more likely to commit suicide compared to those in other areas of work. This is indicative of the rising levels of frustration and stress among doctors....read more

Screening for five markers of metabolic risk can detect heart disease and diabetes earlier

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

A new guideline from the Endocrine Society recommends measuring additional five markers of metabolic risk - waistline, blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, blood fats and blood sugar during consultation for earlier detection of heart disease and diabetes in adults aged 40 to 75.

The five risk factors for heart disease and diabetes are:

  • large amount of abdominal body fat
  • low HDL ("good") cholesterol
  • high triglycerides
  • high blood pressure
  • high blood sugar ...read more
Practice Updates

Centre's hypertension control initiative program expanded to 100 districts

New Delhi: To accelerate implementation of quality treatment for hypertension among Indians and prevent deaths from heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, the government announced on Wednesday the expansion of its India Hypertension Control Initiative (IHCI) to 100 districts covering all the states. According to government data, hypertension is the most common reason for sudden heart attack and is a leading cause of death in the country.... read more

UN working 'intensively' to stop Ebola in eastern DR Congo, following second case in major border town

Senior UN officials tasked with controlling the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have responded to Tuesday's confirmation of a second case of Ebola in Goma, which resulted in the death of the patient. The senior officials stated that there is no evidence that the second case in Goma is linked to the first confirmed case.... read more

Chemo-free drug combo shows 'dramatic' improvement against common leukemia

When used together, two drugs that treat the most common leukemia in adults, significantly increase survival and lower the risk that the disease will worsen, according to a new study.

The interim analysis of a clinical trial for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the drugs -- ibrutinib and rituximab -- fared better than a combination... read more

Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy Controls Pelvic Organ Prolapse Long-Term, Though Some Feel Worse

Four out of five patients who underwent laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy for symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse (POP) reported continued improvement of subjective symptoms an average of seven years later in a new study.

Of the remaining patients, most had recurrent prolapse, typically mid-vaginal, and a third reported urinary or bowel problems or painful intercourse, Dr. Jan Deprest of University Hospitals Leuven, in Belgium, and colleagues note in Obstetrics & Gynecology.... read more

Combination Generic Antiviral Tablet Effective for Hepatitis C

A fixed-dose combination tablet containing the generic direct-acting antiviral drugs sofosbuvir and daclatasvir provides high rates of sustained viral response in patients with hepatitis C, according to results from the SD1000 phase 3 clinical trial in Iran.... read more

Medical Voice

Vaccines are not just for children

Vaccines are not just for children; during National Immunization Awareness Month in August, the American College of Physicians (ACP) is reminding adults about the importance of vaccinations for protection against many common and serious diseases.... read more

IDEJ Update

Indian Diabetes Educator Journal (IDEJ), 1st of its kind in India aims to keep the members of diabetes care team abreast with concepts of DSME (Diabetes self-management education) and DSMS (Diabetes self-management support). IDEJ has set a new benchmark in educating the diabetes educators about evolving the concept of DSME- reaching to more than 25000 through Digital and Print Medium..... read more

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