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2nd June, 2017
Dilli Chalo, Rajghat Chalo: An appeal by National President for donations

Dear Colleague

Greetings from Indian Medical Association!

You are aware that IMA has called for 'Dilli Chalo: Enough is Enough' movement on the 6th of this month to bring to the forefront the plight of the medical profession in the country. Cases of violence against doctors are on the rise, and often become headlines in the media, both print and TV, which in turn conduct a 'media trial' and find a 'verdict' against the doctor holding him/her guilty. Doctors are facing public criticism, criminal prosecution and are defamed in social media as themselves being the cause of provocation.
Doctors have the right to live with dignity and honor. Professional autonomy to choose drugs, investigations and decide the line of treatment, along with consultation and procedure charges is our right because we have the legal responsibility. 
We have the right to practice in a violence-free environment. We support and advocate accountability, but not people taking the law into their own hands. We cannot be criminally prosecuted for clerical errors. Doctors in the private sector look after 80% of the healthcare needs of the population, while the government looks after only 20% of the population.
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Amend the IMC Act to ensure professional autonomy, says IMA 
Calls the National Medical Commission Act as undemocratic
New Delhi, 01 June 2017: Demanding professional autonomy for doctors, the IMA raised another boiling issue leading up to the nationwide Dilli Chalo movement that it is going to undertake on the 6th of June 2017. Dubbing the move to introduce NMA (National Medical Commission Act) as undemocratic, the IMA intensified its month-long campaign to highlight the problems faced by the medical fraternity today. 
Demanding the protection of professional autonomy, the IMA feels that there is a need to amend the present IMC Act as opposed to the introduction of the NMA. The WMA (World Medical Association) has also supported the IMA on their stand
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