Dr k k Aggarwal

CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster 79

Dr K K Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA
2nd May 2020
(With regular inputs from Dr Monica Vasudev)
790: Social distancing reduces COVID-19 infection: Evidence from China: Intenseive non-pharmaceutical interventions were put in placeintroduced in China to stop transmission of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As transmission intensifies increases in other countries, the interplay link between age, contact patterns, social distancing,... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

World Covid Meter 1st May

Dr K K Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA
2nd May 2020
210 Countries, Crosses 3 M today, Deaths to Cross 250,000 in one week with Current Trend of around 5000 deaths per day if new cases continue for another 10 days with Minimum 237165
First reported Case: 10th January - Total cases and numbers are based on RT PCR test which has only 67% sensitivity (no false positive). Total number likely to be higher (5-33%)... Read more »

Alloveda Liver Update

Dr k k Aggarwal

High risk of disease-related malnutrition in outpatients in gastroenterology department

2nd May 2020Gastroenterology Hepatology
Disease-related malnutrition (DRM) among hospitalized patients negatively affects the clinical outcomes. A study evaluated the prevalence of unintentional weight loss (UWL) and reduced food intake... Read more »

News From All Specialities

UN chief calls for ‘solidarity, unity and hope’ in fighting COVID-19

2nd May 2020 Business and Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
Amidst the loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations chief expressed concern over a lack of solidarity with the world’s developing countries that need support in their response to the worst economic and social crisis in generations... Read more »
Practice Updates

Healthcare workers must be protected while vaccinating during the COVID-19 pandemic

2nd May 2020 Business and Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
Specific steps should be taken by health authorities in order to protect healthcare workers and communities during essential immunization activities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, stated experts at the Pan American Health... Read more »
Practice Updates

About a dozen approved drugs could be effective against COVID-19, says study

2nd May 2020 Business and Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
At least 10 different drug compounds - that range from cancer therapies to antipsychotics and antihistamines - may be effective in the prevention of multiplication of the new coronavirus in the body, suggested a multidisciplinary study by a team...Read more »

COVID-19 in India: Doubling rate of cases slows down to 11 days

2nd May 2020 Pulmonary Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
The doubling rate for COVID-19 cases has improved to 11 days in India compared to 3.4 days prior to the lockdown was imposed. This reflects a steady improvement over the past few weeks. Several states like Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, J&K and Punjab had bettered the national average,...Read more »
Practice Updates

Sarcopenia Tied to Diabetes Risk in Older Men

2nd May 2020 Pharmacists Diabetes and Endocrinology
Age-related changes in lean body mass were found to be associated with risk of type 2 diabetes in men but not women, researchers reported online in the Journal of the Endocrine Society. Over a median follow-up of 7 years, men in the highest quartile for percentage of total lean body...Read more »

Derma Update

Dr k k Aggarwal

The gap between recommendations and management of chronic urticaria in pediatric patients

2nd May 2020 Dermatology
In children, chronic urticaria is not a common disorder but it can present with significant morbidity. Also, it can increase frustration for the parents and healthcare provider... Read more »

Medicolegal Corner

Can a patient seek redressal for grievances regarding treatment received?

2nd May 2020
Yes, patient who suffers from the negligent act of the doctors can seek remedy under various laws: 1. Compensatory action - Complaint against doctors, staff or hospital, whether private or government hospitals, who committed negligence, to seek monetary compensation before:...Read more »

eMedi Humor

Two naughty boys

2nd May 2020
Two little boys, aged 8 and 10, are excessively mischievous. They are always getting into trouble and their parents know all about it. If any mischief occurs in their town, the two boys are probably involved. The boys' mother heard that a preacher in town had been successful in disciplining children, ...Read more »

eMedi Quiz

Acantholysis is characteristic of:

2nd May 2020
1. Pemphigus vulgaris.
2. Pemphigoid.
3. Erythema multiforme...Read more »

Lifestyle Updates

eWellness: Treatment of acute leg cramps

2nd May 2020
Patients with an acute leg cramp should forcefully stretch the affected muscle, for example, by active dorsiflexion of the foot with the knee extended, for a cramp is in the calf. Some patients may find relief from passive stretching by getting out of bed and standing with the foot flat on the floor and pressing downward firmly... Read more »

eSpiritual: Why do we not offer onions to God?

2nd May 2020
Anything that grows under the ground is not offered to God. According to Vedic science, anything which is grown under the ground is Tamasik in nature and produces sluggishness, heaviness and extreme aggressiveness. Not only onion, all food products grown under the ground are not offered to...Read more »

Inspirational: Weakness or Strength?

2nd May 2020
Once there was a 10-year-old boy who wished to study Judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a car accident. He began lessons with an old Japanese Judo master. The boy was doing well. But he couldn’t understand the reason as to why, even after three months of training, the master had...Read more »

Medical Voice

Medical voice

States start plasma therapy trials, HCQ administration in War Covid

Plasma therapy trials have already started in some states — like Maharashtra, UP and Madhya Pradesh — though on a very small scale involving only one or a couple of patients. The use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) tablets as a preventive measure for front-line healthcare workers, and on patients and their contacts,...Read more »  


Medical voice

Doctors Survey

Question 1 : Which of these courses would you pay for - You can select multiple options
How to modernize clinic
Growing your digitize you clinic and practice...Read more »  
Medical voice

How Corona Aware Are You

Question 1 : How confident are you that you could recognize and respond to a potential coronavirus case?
Very confident
Moderately confident...Read more »  


From Other Newsletter



Exercise and Nutritional Intervention for Adults with Sarcopenic Obesitys

People with sarcopenic obesity (SO) have both low muscle mass, i.e., sarcopenia, and high body fat, i.e., obesity. These individuals are at a greater risk of metabolic diseases and physical disability when compared with people with sarcopenia or obesity alone... Read more »


Age-specific incidence of allergic and non-allergic asthma.

Onset of allergic asthma has a strong association with childhood, but only a few studies have analyzed the relationship between the incidence of asthma from childhood to late adulthood and allergy. A new study published in BMC Pulmonary Medicine assessed....Read more »


Skin Surface Lipidomics Reveals the Correlation Between Lipidomic Profile and Grade in Adolescent Acne

Crucial factors of acne are increase in lipids secretion and changes of composition in the skin surface lipid (SSL). However, there are no studies relating the changes of lipid composition and content between different grades of adolescent acne, in lesional and non-lesional skin... Read more »

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