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2nd January 2017
Dr K K Aggarwal
Dr R N TandonA paradigm shift in the thinking of IMA this year

 IMA represents the collective consciousness of 2.8 lakh doctors across 1700 local branches and 31 state branches. To further strengthen the Association, this year we have envisaged a proactive role for IMA: moving on from what “IMA can do” to what “IMA Should Do” or “IMA to Do”.
We have also defined our guiding principles for this year. In 2017, IMA policies will be based on
  • Collaboration rather than cooperation
  • Right action and not convenient action
  • Good plans and not quick plans
  • Good Governance
  • Financial stability
  • Effective time management
  • From professional to community priority
Our endeavor would be a collaborative approach to problem solving or tackling issues and challenges, where, unlike in cooperation, we work together in partnership towards one common goal. A collaborative approach accomplishes more than what can be done at an individual level.

Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA
National President HCFI
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IMA embraces the Prime Minister's Digital India Movement; pledge to function in a paperless manner in 2017
New Delhi, Jan 1, 2017: Technological advancements have helped bridge geographical boundaries in our country. The Prime Minister since the beginning of his term has been pushing Indians to embrace the digital era through his many campaigns and policies. Keeping in line with the dynamics of the changing world, the Indian Medical Association, the only representative voluntary organization of over 2.8 lakh doctors of the modern scientific system of medicine has decided to go digital.
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