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2nd October, 2017
Draft salient decisions taken by the IMA Central Working Committee (Part 2)
  • The House was informed that MBBS students are being given free medical text books by IMA Maharashtra State Branch. It was decided to adopt this as a National Project. Current project details may be obtained by IMA HQs. from IMA Maharashtra State and necessary action be taken accordingly.
  • The House approved the decision of the Finance Standing Committee of IMA to invest in various investment instruments approved by the Charity Commissioner of India.
  • All Wings / State / Local Branches of IMA who conduct various Courses, should essentially ensure that they conduct only those courses which are covered under the aims and objectives of the Wing / State / Local Branch. No Wing should bypass its eligibility while conducting Courses. Efforts to be made to have a uniform fee structure for all courses conducted by IMA and its Wings. Dr KK Kalra, CEO, IMA HQs. was requested to suggest ways and means of popularizing the Fellowship of IMA CGP so as to give it its due recognition. It would also help in appointment of Fellows of IMA CGP in specialty hospitals as Family Medicine Specialists and admission of their patients accordingly.
  • Procedures to be adopted to award IMA Credit hours for Fellowship of IMA CGP.
  • Readers of JIMA and IMA Journal to be awarded IMA Credit Hours per Edition.
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IMA to organize a dawn-to-dusk fast on Gandhi Jayanthi
 All doctors of modern medicine will join this silent protest which is a follow up to the DilliChalo movement held in June 2017
The fast aims to draw attention towards the issues facing the medical fraternity and request urgent implementation of suggested changes

New Delhi, 01 October 2017: As an outcome of an Action Group meeting, and later ratified by the State Presidents and State Secretaries meeting in Delhi on 6th June 2017, the IMA will organize a dawn-to-dusk fast throughout the country on 2 October 2017. The fast is a move towards drawing the government and people's attention to the violence in hospitals. Through this peaceful protest, the IMA also aims to reinforce its demand for Central Hospital Protection Act and the implementation of the inter-ministerial committee recommendations, which were a result of its month-long campaign that concluded with the Dilli Chalo movement in June this year.
As a precursor to this fast, the IMA has written an open letter to the Prime Minister requesting his urgent intervention in matters ailing the medical fraternity and also to solve the problems facing the health sector.
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