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2nd October 2016
IMA Legal Cell: Rs one crore compensation demanded for medical negligence 
According to a news story, an advocate of Bhilai has demanded more than Rs 1 crore inclusive of compensation and other amounts alleging medical negligence against three doctors in his complaint filed in Chhattisgarh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Pandri, Raipur. The Bhilai Steel Plant, Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research Centre, Bhilai and three doctors in the Neurosurgery department of the hospital, have been made the five opposite parties in the case.
According to the complaint, the complainant advocate is Rajesh Agrawal, 56 years, resident of Sector-1, Bhilai, whose wife is a Bhilai Steel Plant employee. He has maintained that he fell down accidentally in his home and suffered injuries, but went to the above mentioned hospital himself and had full sense while undergoing check-up. His blood pressure was normal and the only problem he had was pain on the lower part of vertebral column. The above mentioned doctors admitted him in the hospital. 
The complainant has further maintained that during the hospital stay and before surgery, he had full control over urination and defecation. After undergoing surgery, he was completely paralyzed from below the waist and he lost control over passing urine and stools. It was result of improper fixation of steel screw. 
The complainant further maintained that he is now completely dependent on his family members and has to incur heavy expenditure for treatment, medicines, physiotherapy and keeping an attendant. On the other hand, practicing the profession of advocate has been badly affected and he has to pass through financial difficulty.
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