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29th September, 2017
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister
It's time for you to intervene; surgical strike needed to solve the issues of doctors
Indian Medical Association (IMA) representing over three lakhs modern medicine doctors spread across 1700 local branches and thirty-one state and territorial branches, requests the Prime Minister to solve the problems of the health sector.
The Health Sector including health care delivery, health parameters and medical education is far behind other sectors like agriculture, Information technology, Space technology and Economic sector due to a faulty Health Policy over the years.
Our health parameters have a long way to go to reach the status of even developing countries like 
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, leave alone developed countries. Doctor-Population ratio, Health Care spending, Private Health Sector and Medical Education are the issues, which are to be solved to make health care accessible and affordable.
We lack evidence-based, data-based Health Care Policy. Health care is not addressed from a public health point of view and emphasis is given to curative medicine only. The social determinants of health like safe water, sanitation, nutrition and environmental factors are not addressed.
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Inspirational Story 2: The Hotel Clerk
Perfect Health Mela to raise awareness on the need for mental support groups to fight substance addiction in youth

The Mela will have inter-school competitions, youth festivals, and nukkadnataks to discuss the problem and possible solutions
New Delhi, 28 September 2017: The Indian youth have an increasing addiction problem, so indicate statistics. About 75% of the youth in Punjab are severely addicted to drugs, which amounts to 3 of 4 children. Other cities such as Mumbai and Hyderabad are also quickly becoming popular for drug usage, with the number of addicted youth continuing to grow. The capital city if Delhi is not far with the youth addicted to tobacco, smoking, and substance abuse alike. About 75% of Indian homes house at least one drug user, often a male. Teenagers as young as 13 or 14 regularly experiment with intoxicants today.
India today has about 500 rehab centres across cities, which will soon not be enough to tackle the increasing burden of addicted youth. Among the addictive substances are cannabis, alcohol, tobacco (in different forms), and more recently, fluid whiteners, which are used by teens to get a temporary high. This is one of the many issues that the Perfect Health Mela being organized by the HCFI this year will tackle and discuss.
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