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29th September 2016
Women more at risk of heart disease today 
Heart disease is no longer exclusive to men as we now know. Women, especially urban women, are more at risk of developing heart disease today. And, a heart attack is usually more severe in women than in men.

An increasingly unhealthy lifestyle with a predominantly high trans fat, sugar and salt diet, more and more sitting, stress/depression, smoking, alcohol and cigarettes are some of the factors that have contributed to this rise in heart disease. Differences in the clinical presentation also make it difficult to establish a diagnosis in women.
  • Women generally present a decade later than men and with greater risk factor burden. They are less likely than men to have typical angina. Women with new onset of chest pain are approached and diagnosed less aggressively than man in the emergency department.
  • Established risk factors in women are: Presence of history of heart blockages; age over 55 years; high LDL (bad) or low HDL (good) cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, peripheral artery disease or family history of heart disease.
  • Risk factors, which are more potent in women than in men are: Smoking is associated with 50% of all coronary events in women; diabetes confers more prognostic information in women than in men.
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Can women get heart disease before pre- menopause?
New Delhi, September 28, 2016: Older women have been at a higher risk end for developing cardiovascular diseases. It is reported that more than 75 percent of women aged 40 to 60 have one or more risk factors for CVD.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women over age 40, especially after menopause. Up until now the notion had been that menopause is the only phase during a woman’s life cycle during which she is prone to increased risk of CVD, but now the idea is being challenged by increasing incidences of coronary heart diseases in pre- menopausal women. 
Recently, evidence has emerged that even the pre- menopause phase in a woman’s life cycle is prone to developing cardiovascular complications because of exacerbated risk factors.
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