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29th March 2016
Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
CDC Zika Updated Recommendations
  • Women with confirmed cases of the Zika virus or who have had symptoms of the virus should wait at least eight weeks after the start of their symptoms before trying to get pregnant
  • Men with confirmed cases of the virus or who have had symptoms of the virus are now advised to wait at least six months after their symptoms begin before having unprotected sex.
  • Women and men without symptoms who have travelled to or had sex with someone who has traveled to a Zika-infected area are now advised to wait at least eight weeks after possible exposure to the virus before the woman tries to become pregnant
  • Men who have traveled to a Zika-infected area who have not had symptoms of the virus are now advised to abstain from sex or use a condom for at least eight weeks after returning from the area.
  • Men who live in a Zika-infected area should use condoms or abstain from sex as long as the Zika virus is circulating there.
  • Women and men who do not have the virus but who live in areas where the virus is being transmitted are now advised to talk with their health care providers about plans for pregnancy during the ongoing outbreak.
  • The virus can remain in semen for as long as two months
  • The guidelines apply to sexual intercourse, as well as oral and anal sex.   
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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Update: Rage disorder linked with parasite found in cat feces
FDA Update: FDA staff backs drug to treat Parkinson psychosis
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A)     Common manifestation of post primary TB:
B)      Extension of empyema to the thoracic cage
C)      Empyema associated with pneumonia
D)     Part of Primary complex
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eWellness: Longer chest pain equals bigger MI risk
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eSpiritual: Express gratitude
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  • Appreciate from a roof over your head to good health to people who care about you...Read more

Inspirational Story: The Black Dot
A small town chamber of commerce invited a speaker to address its annual dinner. The community’s economy was bad, people were discouraged, and they...Read more
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Press Release
IMA urges the Health Minister to ensure timely implementation of 85% pictorial health warnings on both sides of tobacco packages from April 1, 2016
New Delhi, March 28, 2016 – The Indian Medical Association, India's largest representative voluntary association of doctors of Modern Scientific Medicine with over 260,000 members has urged the Hon’ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare Shri JP Nadda to implement the 85% Pictorial Health Warnings on both sides of tobacco packages from April 1, 2016. In this context, the IMA has also written to the Prime Minister, President, Vice President, Health Minister and the Finance Minister.

IMA is leading the ‘Doctors for Tobacco Control in India’ (DFTCI) forum incorporating organizations like the Cardiological Society of India, Association of Physicians of India, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Indian Dental Association, Public Health Foundation of India, and HRIDAY.

With 275 million adult users, India is the second largest consumer of tobacco products, globally. Doctors and medical professionals, witness the debilitating and terminal effects of tobacco use on a daily basis. Tobacco causes a gamut of serious diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic pulmonary diseases and stroke.
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Yoga for Health
Yoga and back pain

Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) as a mind-body therapy including body scan, sitting and walking meditation was effective intervention on reduction of pain severity and improvement of physical and mental quality of life of female patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain (Int J Yoga. 2015 Jul-Dec;8(2):128-33).
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IMA Updates
IMA TB Initiative 
IMA Starts Nodal center for adverse drug reactions

IMA PvPI Initiative has started a nodal center at IMA headquarters. All IMA members can now report adverse reactions to drugs, vaccines, medical devices, Blood products and herbal products at IMA PvPI helpline 9717776514, open Monday to Friday 9-5.30PM
IMA Lybrate Initiative: Ask the Specialist & others 
IMA Polio Dates
  • April 1st: tOPV would not be available after this date.
  • April 11th: bOPV would be available in private market but it is not to be opened or used before 25th April.
  • April 25: IMA Polio Switch Day, when tOPV would be completely withdrawn and replaced by bOPV in both routine immunization and polio campaigns.
  • 9th May: IMA National Validation Day when India would be declared free of tOPV. 

IMA Satyagraha - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV1zCH33BlU

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