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Dr KK Aggarwal

From the Desk of Editor in Chief
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee

Dr KK Aggarwal
President, Heart Care Foundation of India; Sr Consultant Physician, Cardiologist and Dean Medical Education Moolchand Medcity; Member Delhi Medical Council; Chairman (Delhi Chapter) International Medical Sciences Academy; Hony Director IMA AKN Sinha Institute (08–09); Hony Finance Secretary National IMA (07–08); Chairman IMA Academy of Medical Specialties (06–07); President Delhi Medical Association (05–06), President IMA New Delhi Branch (94–95, 02–04); Editor in Chief IJCP Group of Publications & Hony. Visiting Professor (Clinical Research) DIPSAR


Dear Colleague

29th April, 2010 Thursday

Dr. JKS was recently investigated by Delhi Medical Council and was found to be a quack. Subsequently he was arrested by the Police.

I recall, when Dr Anil Bansal was the President of Delhi Medical Association, 'Dr JKS' used to visit DMA in various press conferences as a journalist and also used to submit cuttings of his writings. When I became the President of DMA, I can again recall seeing Dr JKS on many occasions attending the press conferences as a journalist. Later, I came to know that he is also a member of IMA New Delhi Branch. Over a period of years, Dr JKS infiltrated into the medical profession in such a way that he became an executive member of DMA, Treasurer and later Secretary of IMA New Delhi Branch, Treasurer of Delhi Medical Forum, Medical Officer to Commonwealth Games in Boxing, Medical Officer to YMCA, Visiting Consultant to many nursing homes across the city, a frequent organizer of diabetic camps, an important office-bearer of Delhi Diabetic Forum, to name a few.

He reported ECGs for many GPs as a Consultant; used to chair sessions and treat patients. In every function of the Medical Association, he could be seen right from the start and working throughout the day. He had fake degrees and was not registered with State Medical Council. He was living alone in Delhi and told everybody that he was unmarried

It is very surprising that a person over a decade befooled the IMA Local branch, State branch and the National body as well. All of us should be careful and I personally feel that medical associations should not enrol any member unless he or she is registered with the State Medical Council.

(See below for press release by the police)

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri Awardee and Chief Editor

Photo Feature

Shri Buta Singh Former Union Home Minister felicitating Padma Shri and Dr BC Roy Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal at 15th Environment Protection and Ethical Consciousness Conference on Sunday, April 25, 2010.

Dr k k Aggarwal

International Medical Science Academy Update (IMSA): Practice Changing Updates

Hemoglobin A1C for diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

The diagnosis of diabetes can be established by a hemoglobin A1C level ≥6.5%, as recommended by an International Expert Committee consensus report and confirmed by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Diabetes can be diagnosed using one of four criteria: A1C ≥6.5 %, fasting plasma glucose at or above 126 mg/dL (7.0 mmol/L), a two–hour value in an OGTT (2–h PG) at or above 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L), or a random (or "casual") plasma glucose concentration ≥200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L) in the presence of symptoms. The diagnosis of diabetes must be confirmed on a subsequent day by repeat measurement, repeating the same test for confirmation.


  1. International Expert Committee report on the role of the A1C assay in the diagnosis of diabetes. Diabetes Care 2009;32:1327.

  2. Diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Care 2010;33 Suppl 1:S62.

News and Views (Dr Brahma and Dr Monica Vasudeva)

FDA tightening its oversight of infusion pumps

FDA is moving to tighten the use of infusion pumps. Approximately two million infusion pumps are used in hospital and clinical settings. Over the last five years, the agency says it has received reports of 710 patient deaths linked to problems with the devices. There were 87 recalls between 2004 and 2009, 14 of which were prompted by potentially life–threatening issues, according to the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, the most frequent problem involved something referred to as "key bounce." There have been instances when a healthcare worker enters one number into the key pad, but it is actually recorded twice, which may cause the release of too much medication. When you punch 10 digits in cell phone...u don’t get 11 or 12, and we should have that same expectation for infusion pumps. In one instance, a nurse wanted to set an infusion pump to deliver 20 mL/h of heparin to a patient, but accidentally entered two zeroes instead of one, which infused the patient with 200 mL/h of the blood thinner.

Novel blood test may help identify aggressive prostate tumors

A novel test that measures blood levels of three different types of PSA may help improve predictions about which prostate cancer patients might not require immediate treatment.

Experts tout benefits of exercise for people taking antidepressants

Most people seeking treatment for depression or anxiety face two choices: medication or psychotherapy. But there’s a third choice that is rarely prescribed, though it comes with few side effects, low costs and a list of added benefits. That third option is exercise. It’s become clear that this is a good intervention, particularly for mild to moderate depression. Psychiatrist Michelle Riba, of the University of Michigan, prescribes exercise to depressed patients as part of a long–term plan for healthier living that includes sleep, eating and, in many cases, weight loss.

Roche submits supplemental FDA application for Herceptin to treat some advanced stomach cancers

Switzerland–based Roche AG announced that its Genentech subsidiary has submitted a supplemental Biologics License Application to the FDA for use of Herceptin (trastuzumab) in combination with chemotherapy for the treatment of advanced HER–positive adenocarcinoma of the stomach.

Mnemonic of the Day (Dr Prachi Garg)

Chronic cough, (non–smoker, normal CXR) – HARD

Heart failure (MS)


Reflux (GERD)

Drip / Drugs

What’s New

H1N1 vaccine

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has recommended the following order for administration of the pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine, when available.

  • Pregnant women

  • Household contacts and caregivers of children younger than six months of age

  • Healthcare and emergency medical services personnel Individuals 6 months through 24 years of age

  • Individuals 25 through 64 years of age with increased risk of influenza complications

(Use of influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccine: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2009. MMWR Recomm Rep 2009;58:1.)

Study supports antimicrobial therapy for children with acute bacterial sinusitis

A randomized trial supports antimicrobial therapy for children with acute bacterial sinusitis (ABS) when ABS is defined by strict clinical criteria (symptoms for >10 days without improvement; acutely worsening symptoms; or temperature ≥102°F (38.9°C) and purulent nasal discharge for ≥3 consecutive days). (Wald ER, Nash D, Eickhoff J. Effectiveness of amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium in the treatment of acute bacterial sinusitis in children. Pediatrics 2009;124:9.)

Quote of the Day

"If life were measured by accomplishments, most of us would die in infancy." AP Gouthey

Diabetes Fact

Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is a complication of diabetes; Fungal nasal discharge; Amphotericin is used for treatment.

DMA Update: 9th May is Mother’s Day

Incontinence is extremely common, affecting about 20% to 25% of women before menopause and more than twice that after menopause.

Question of the Day

How do you treat a child with a burst ear drum ?

  • A child with a burst drum requires to be examined in detail to locate the focus of infection (that is leading to otitis media), which usually are the tonsil–adenoids or rhinosinusitis.

  • Once the focus of infection is treated, the ear dries up and the perforation heals on its own.

  • Large perforations (central) that do not close after treatment may require a tympanoplasty.
    Tympanoplasty is done to give the child a dry ear, improve the hearing and clear disease from the middle ear cleft. Optimal time for tympanoplasty is beyond the age of 9 years as by now the eustachian tube shape changes, the adenoids regress and children can take care of the ear postoperatively.


  1. Scott–Brown’s Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat: Butterworth Publications.

  2. Diseases of ENT by Divya Prabhat.The National Book Depot Publications.

SMS of the Day

Ladki K shadi mai uska purana boyfriend bhi aaya tha.
Sabhi ne us se pucha: Kya aap hi dulhe ho.
Boyfriend:Nahi mai semi final me out ho gaya, Final dekhne aaya hu. .......Rajpal Prakash.

Public Forum
(Press Release for use by the newspapers)

Summer Diarrhea: Treatment

One loose motion is equal to one glass of ORS. Most summer diarrhea is watery, effortless and painless diarrhea with no mucus or blood. They need no antibiotics. The only treatment is ORS or oral rehydration solution, said Padma Shri and
Dr B C Roy National Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India.

One loose motion is equivalent to loss of one glass of fluid. Explaining this, Dr. Aggarwal said that if a patient has passed 10 loose motions, he needs 12 glasses of ORS apart from normal requirement of fluids and one glass for every loose motion passed again.

For upto 12 loose motions a patient can be managed as an outpatient but if the loose motions are more than 12 he needs observation and if the number of loose motions are more than 40, he needs intensive treatment.

The main complication is renal shut down, which will happen if the blood pressure remains low for more than few hours. During loose motions one should maintain that he or she passes urine every 6–8 hours. If no urine is passed for eight hours it may indicate an impending renal failure.

eMedinewS Try this it Works

Keeping inhalers straight

Label inhalers as ‘rescue,’ ‘reliever,’ or ‘controller.’ This can save confusion in an emergency.

Dr Good Dr Bad

Situation: A diabetic patient with hsCRP of 3.4 wanted to know whether he could take soya proteins.

Dr Bad: Do not take proteins.

Dr Good: You can take soya proteins.

Lesson: Soy protein consumption significantly affected cardiovascular risk factors and kidney–related biomarkers among type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy. In a randomized clinical trial, consumption of soy protein significantly affected cardiovascular risks such as fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and serum triglyceride concentrations. Serum CRP levels were also significantly decreased by soy protein intake vs controls. Soy protein significantly improved proteinuria and urinary creatinine. (Diabetes Care 2008;31(4):648–54.)

Make Sure

Situation: A patient intolerant to penicillin was denied rheumatic prophylaxis

Reaction: Oh my God! Why was he not put on sulfa?

Make sure that patients who cannot tolerate penicillin are put on sulfadiazine or sulfisoxazole. This antibiotic class is effective for preventing group A streptococcal (GAS) infection although it cannot be used to achieve eradication.


Laughter the best medicine

IMANDB Joke of the Day

The doctor was off teaching a class, so one of his new students answered the phone in his office. The call was from the school’s football coach. "Doc, it’s Sonu, he is in extreme pain" said the coach, "He broke his arm in the fourth quarter." "I see," said the aspiring doctor. "Exactly what part of the arm is that?"

Formulae in Critical Care

Right ventricular stroke work (RVSW)

Formula: RVSW = SV (PAPm – RAP) × 0.0136

Normal value: 10–15 gm/beat.

Milestones in Diabetes

Barry Innis Posner (1937) was a Canadian physician and research scientist known for his diabetes research, specifically his peptide hormone research.

Lab Test (Dr Arpan Gandhi and Dr Navin Dang)

AFB Smear and Culture

To help identify a mycobacterial infection; to diagnose tuberculosis (TB); to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

List of Approved drug from 1.01.2009 to 31.10.2009

Drug Name


Approval Date

Propofol 10 mg+ Lignocaine 2.5 mg per ml injection

Additional strength


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IMSA Delhi – Workshop on Mind Body Medicine

A workshop on Mind, Body Medicine is being organized to mark the birthday of Late Acharya Sushil Ji Maharaj

Date: June 13, 2010

Venue: Acharya Sushil Muni Ashram, C – 599 Defence Colony, New Delhi

Organizer: IMSA Delhi in Association with World Fellowships of Religions, IMA NDB and Heart Care Foundation of India

All Doctors and Nurses can attend. There is no fee.

Speakers: Dr K K Aggarwal

Blessings: Acharya Dr Sadhna Ji Maharaj

Timings: 8–12 noon

Workshop: Practical mind body prescriptions for doctors

Register: SMS 9811090206 or email emedinews@gmail.com

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Readers Responses


With the arrest of one quack Jatinder Kumar Sharma S/o Sh. Om Prakash Sharma R/o 702, Motia Khan, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi–110055 Permanent Address–123/4 Pragati Nagar, Saket, Meerut, UP, South–East District police has saved the life of hundreds of people who were being given treatment by him for the last 15 years.


Based upon the report from Delhi Medical Council, enquiry was conducted by the police of–P3 Lajpat Nagar regarding existence of one quack in the area of Lajpat Nagar who is having fake registration of Orissa medical Council. As a result of,this enquiry a case vide FIR No. 119/2010 U/s 420/468/471 IPC and Section 27 Delhi medical Council Act 1997 was registered at PS Lajpat Nagar. A team of officials of PS Lajpat Nagar was constituted comprising of Insp. Brijinder Singh (SHO/PS Lajpat Nagar), Insp. Sandeep Ghai (ATO/PS Lajpat Nagar), SI Satish Kumar, HC MeOiender Singh & Ct. Vijay Singh under the over all supervision of Sh. Ranbir Singh ACP/Lajpat Nagar. During the course one Jatinder Kumar Sharma S/o Sh. Om Prakash Sharma R/o 702, Motia Khan, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi–110055 Permanent Address–123/4 Pragati Nagar, Saket, Meerut, UP, was apprehended who is giving treatment to innocent people for the last 15 years and presently working as visiting doctor at Mir Pur Dispensary I–63D, Lajpat Nagar–I, New Delhi. More than 100 certificates of appreciation/participation in various seminars/workshops have been recovered apart from various photocopies of fake certificates/mark sheets of medical collages in the name of accused Jatinder Kumar Sharma, duly framed.


On interrogation it was learnt that the accused produced forged certificate of registration of Orissa medical Council with DMA, Delhi for registration. On sustained interrogation, he confessed that he had never done MBBS or MD from any of the collages of India or abroad. He tried for admission in medical collage but when he failed to do so, he went to Orissa for admission in any private collage. He met one doctor Suren Kumar Dass at Maharaja Kishen Chand Gajpati Medical Collage Behrampur and got photocopy of his registration certificate. After that he forged that certificate by putting his name in place of Dr. Suren Kumar Dass and carried out practice in Meerut as well as in Delhi for almost 15 years. Later on he produced the same forged photocopy with Delhi medical Council for registration.


Accused Jatinder Kumar Sharma belongs to a family of school teacher from Meerut UP. After he failed to get himself admitted in any medical collage, he used the forged certificates showing himself to be a qualified doctor having MBBS & MD degrees and started practicing in charitable dispensaries and also opened his own clinic in Meerut.


  • One Brief case with One stethoscope, One B.P. Measuring instrument, Three stamps of Dr. J.K.Sharma M.D.(Med–) Cardio– Diabetologist authorised medical attendant ˜ impression of all the three stamps taken on white paper, 08 Visiting cards of Dr. J.K.Sharma M.B.B.S. M.D.(Medicine) and One lead torch.

  • Framed Photocopy of various degrees, mark sheets issued in the name of accused Jatinder Kumar Sharma.

  • Framed Photocopies of the MBBS degree/Mark sheets issued in the name of Jitender Kumar Sharma.

  • 64 Nos. of Certificates issued by various organisations for the good work done/seminar–workshops attended by accused Jatinder Kumar Sharma.

Further investigation is in progress.

Additional Commissioner of Police
South East District, Delhi