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28th September, 2017
IMA welcomes the decision of Govt. to increase retirement age of doctors to 65 years
Dr KK Aggarwal, National President IMA
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, yesterday approved the enhancement of superannuation age of doctors other than doctors of the Central Health Services (CHS) falling under various Departments/Ministries/autonomous organisations, to 65 years.
“According to the Cabinet decision, the superannuation age of doctors under the administrative control of the respective Ministries/Departments [M/o AYUSH (AYUSH Doctors), Dept. of Defence (civilian doctors under Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Service), Dept. of Defence Production (Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service Medical Officers), Dental Doctors under D/o Health & Family Welfare, Dental doctors under Ministry of Railways and of doctors working in Higher Education and Technical Institutions under Department of Higher Education) has been enhanced to 65 years.
The Union Cabinet has approved ex-post facto, the enhancement of superannuation age of doctors working in Central Universities and IITs (Autonomous Bodies) under Dept. of Higher Education to 65 years; and approved enhancement of superannuation age of doctors in Major Port Trusts (Autonomous Bodies) under Ministry of Shipping to 65 years.
The Union Cabinet has approved that doctors shall hold the administrative posts till the date of attaining the age of 62 years and thereafter their services shall be placed in non-administrative positions.”
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HCFI releases health sutras ahead of the Perfect Health Mela
Veteran Bollywood actors Manoj Bakshi and Inderpal Singh grace the occasion as chief guests
The release commemorates 25 years of the Mela

New Delhi, 27 September 2017: Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), a National NGO working in the healthcare sector, organized a press conference on September 27th, 2017 at the NDMC Convention Centre, Jai Singh Marg, New Delhi. The event focused on the key areas of HCFI's annual flagship event, the Perfect Health Mela (PHM). Bollywood actors Mr Manoj Bakshi and Mr Inderpal Singh were the chief guests for the day. Commemorating 25 years of the Mela, the HCFI also released health sutras, in the form of playing cards, along with the two veteran actors. 

The health sutras are aimed at educating people about preventive health. They are one-line messages with a complete meaning, are field tested, and prepared by experts. The PHM is a mass health awareness module attracting over 2 to 3 lakh visitors every year.
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