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28th April, 2017

From the desk of Dr KK Aggarwal, National President, IMA and Dr R N Tandon, HSG, IMA


An emergency Action group meeting of IMA followed by an emergency meeting of Indian Medical Association - Federation of Medical Associations of India were held in IMA Headquarters Delhi from 11 am to 2 pm on Wednesday 26/04/2017 to discuss the emergent situation on generic drugs.

(IMA- Federation of Medical Associations of India)


Prescription of Generic Name of the Drugs by Medical Professionals


IMA-FOMA appreciates Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s concern about the availability, accessibility and affordability of quality economical drugs to the society.


1. The judgement to choose a rational drug and its format vests only with the Registered Medical Practitioners. This right of the medical profession is sacrosanct.
2. IMA - FOMA also wants the Government to strengthen Quality control mechanisms to ensure adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for patient safety.
3. For a rational prescription, doctors should choose drugs generic-generic or generic - brand based on quality, efficacy and economy and write legibly and preferably in capital letters.
4. IMA-FOMA recommends that Government should ban differential pricing of a drug under different brand names (generic-generic, generic- trade or generic- brand) by one company. (one chemical drug, one company, one prise)

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IMA leaders attend the 206th WMA Council Meeting in Zambia
Leaders from world over debate on key issues including medical tourism and organ trafficking, medical cannabis
New Delhi, April 27, 2017: The 206th Council Meeting of the World Medical Association (WMA) was held in Zambia from 20th to 22nd April 2017 and was attended by almost 200 delegates from more than 30 national medical associations. 
Leading the discussions were Dr Ketan Desai, President WMA and Chairman International Wing IMA; Dr Arron, President, Zambia Medical Association; Dr Hoven Ardis, Chair, WMA; and Dr Otmar Kloiber Secretary General WMA. 
The IMA delegation from India was led by Dr KK Aggarwal National President along with council member Dr Ajay Kumar and Dr Ved Prakash Mishra.
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