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28th November 2016
Bank Queues don't kill, but stress does: An IMA Advisory 
Acute stress can cause heart attacks, say cardiologists, but only if the person has pre-existing heart disease
(25/11/2016 5:27 PM IST | Shivam Vij, Deputy Editor, HuffPost India)
In Sikar, Rajasthan, tea seller Jagdish Panwar, 62, had saved up all his life to spend on the marriage of his two daughters, Sunita and Kiran. The marriage was scheduled for 3 December this year. The plans suddenly felt disrupted on 8 November when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced notes of Rs 500 and 1,000 would no longer be legal tender. For the next seven days, Panwar had to leave his tea shop and go and arrange cash. The banks were unable to exchange his old currency notes worth Rs 45,000, or even let him withdraw the money he had in his savings account. The bank simply didn't have new currency notes of Rs 500 and 2,000 the Reserve Bank of India has issued in lieu of demonetized currency. On the morning of Wednesday, 16 November, Panwar made yet another trip to the bank and came home disappointed. After having lunch, he fell ill. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared brought dead. Cause of death: heart attack. He was 62.
"It is well known that stress can precipitate heart attack. But the incidence of such heart attacks is very low." Dr KK Agarwal, Cardiologist.
Would it be fair to say that Panwar died because of demonetization?
Dying of heart attack is far from unusual. According to an estimate, one Indian dies of it every 33 seconds.
Panwar's is not the only such death. More people have died of heart attacks in bank queues than of suicide because of demonetization. Most such heart attack deaths are of men in their forties and above, well-known to be a high-risk group for heart attacks.
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Press Release
Heart Care Foundation of India organizes a hands-only CPR 10 camp
at S D Public School B U Block Pitam Pura New Delhi
Trains over 250 children in the essential life-saving technique which can help revive a clinically dead person for up to 10 minutes after they suffer a sudden cardiac arres
New Delhi, November 27, 2016: Heart Care Foundation of India, a leading National non-profit organization working towards spreading health awareness in the country and making it a healthier one successfully organized a CPR training camp at the S D Public School B U Block Pitam Pura New Delhi yesterday. The key purpose behind the initiative was to spread awareness about the increasing incidence of sudden cardiac arrest in the country and how a simple to learn yet effective method such as hands-only CPR 10 can help revive a person till 10 minutes after their death. Over 250 students attended the training camp.
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