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Making the Kailash–Mansarovar Yatra safe

Known as the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati, Kailash Mansarovar is set in the remote mountains of western Tibet. The snow–clad Mt. Kailash is situated at an altitude of 22,228 ft (6,714 m) and is regarded as the world’s most sacred place. The pilgrimage is a 53 km-walk around the Kailash. It is the spiritual center for four great religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, the Jain religion and the pre Buddhist animistic religion – Bonpo. The Mansarovar Lake is one of the holiest, captivating, stimulating, famous and the most ancient lake known to the civilization. It is the source of four great rivers: the Indus, the Sutlej, the Brahmaputra and the Karnali. The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra involves trekking at high altitudes up to 19,500 feet, under inhospitable conditions including extreme cold and rugged terrain and hence demands good health and physical fitness. The travel may prove hazardous for those who are not physically or medically fit.

  • People with problems of hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, epilepsy and asthma should avoid this journey or consult their doctor before planning to undertake the Yatra.
  • One should start the physical fitness program several weeks before starting the journey. Walking, hiking and backpacking over rugged terrain are the best ways to prepare for a trek. Any regular regime of strenuous aerobic exercise is also beneficial as also running, swimming and cycling prior to departure.
  • Only citizens who are over 18 years old are allowed to travel.
  • The duration of the pilgrimage is 26 days.
  • Medical tests include: Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, platelet count, blood sugar (F & PP), BLOOD urea, creatinine, serum bilurubin & SGOT–SGPT, blood group, lipid profile, urine R/E, chest X–ray, treadmill test, ECG, pulmonary function tests (Optional) and stress–echo–test (if recommended by doctor).
  • One should take appropriate quantities of the right medicines for a wide variety of ailments: Your personal medicines + antibiotics for stomach infection, chest infection etc, breathing/heart and BP related problems, diarrhea, vomiting and body–pain related oral medicines and topical ointments, anti allergic drugs.
  • Women’s hygiene products and medicines
  • Doctor’s certificate: Pulse rate, height, weight, respiratory rate, blood pressure, current ailment, past ailments, allergies if any, drugs on, prophylactic drugs list.

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief
drkkaggarwal Dr K K Aggarwal on Twitter
Blog.kkaggarwal.com Dr K K Aggarwal on blogs
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  Changing Practice – Evidence which has changed practice in last one year

Universal influenza immunization

In 2010, the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices expanded the recommendation for influenza vaccination to include all individuals 6 months of age and older.

  eMedinewS Audio PostCard

 HIV Update

Dr Nalin Nag Speaks on
‘HIV/Hepatitis co–infection’

Audio PostCard
    Photo Feature (from the HCFI Photo Gallery)

World No Tobacco Day – HCFI campaign

‘Mr Tobacco is dead’ A Tableau carrying the corpse of Mr Tobacco in the city was an unique initiative of Heart Care Foundation on India (HCFI) in 2004.

Dr K K Aggarwal
    National News

Free healthcare for pregnant women, infants

In a bid to improve the maternal and infant mortality in the country, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has decided to provide free nutritious food, treatment, and transportation to all pregnant women who go to government facilities for delivery. Free healthcare services will also be provided to the newborns, as and when required. To be launched on June 1 from Mewat, Haryana, the scheme will be applicable for all women from the sub–centre to the district hospital levels which are covered under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). Expenses for diagnostics, any surgical interventions, and nutritious food will be provided up to seven days, if need be. The Centre would undertake the costs involved in transporting pregnant women to and from medical centres, including dropping her back home, said Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. (Source:
http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article2048962.ece, May 26, 2011)

Certificate courses in 2D and 3D Echocardiography/Fellowship Diploma in non invasive cardiology: Contact Dr KK Aggarwal, Moolchand Medcity, email: emedinews@gmail.com

    International News

(Contributed by Rajat Bhatnagar, International Sports & Fitness Distribution, LLC, http://www.isfdistribution.com)

Twin cities deemed healthiest in USA

USA Today recently reported that the Twin Cities Minneapolis–St. Paul are the healthiest, fittest cities in the USA, followed by Washington, D.C., and Boston, according to a new analysis of the 50 most populous metro areas. Oklahoma City ranks last, and Louisville is second to last.

(Dr Monica and Brahm Vasudev)

Diabetes may be less of a heart risk for women

In a study of asymptomatic patients with type 2 diabetes, women had a lower cardiac event rate than men, although screening for silent myocardial ischemia did not benefit either sex, a post–hoc analysis of the DIAD trial showed.

AFP levels may predict HCC recurrence odds after liver transplant

Low serum albumin or high alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) level independently predicted mortality when hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) recurred after liver transplantation, according to findings presented at the American Transplant Congress.

Experimental treatment may be more effective at slowing advanced kidney cancer than sorafenib

Experimental drug axitinib was more effective in treating advanced kidney cancer than Bayer AG’s Nexavar (sorafenib). According to a summary of the study released in advance of the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting, among the 723 patients with advanced kidney cancer, those who received axitinib lived a median of 6.7 months before their tumors progressed, compared with 4.7 months for patients who received Nexavar.

  Twitter of the Day

@DrKKAggarwal: Watch Dr KK Aggarwal, Padmashri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee live on Zee UP 30th 6.30am on Making travel safe to Kailash Mansarovar.

@DeepakChopra:The gifts of caring, attention, appreciation, and love are some of the most precious gifts you can give, and they don’t cost you anything.

    Spiritual Update

Hanuman Chalisa

Sankat Te Hanumana Chhudave
Man Kram Bachan Dhyan Jo Lavei

Meaning: One who meditates on him with his mind, heart and activities is saved from all difficulties.

Spiritual Significance: One should meditate at Anhat Chakra and all the actions should be consciousness-based. Once you are in touch with consciousness, all desires are fulfilled.

    An Inspirational Story

(Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra)

A voyaging ship was wrecked during a storm at sea and only two of the men on it were able to swim to a small, desert like island. The two survivors, not knowing what else to do, agree that they had no other recourse but to pray to God. However, to find out whose prayer was more powerful, they agreed to divide the territory between them and stay on opposite sides of the island.

The first thing they prayed for was food. The next morning, the first man saw a fruit–bearing tree on his side of the land, and he was able to eat its fruit. The other man’s parcel of land remained barren.

After a week, the first man was lonely and he decided to pray for a wife. The next day, there was a woman who swam to his side of the land. On the other side of the island, there was nothing.

Soon the first man prayed for a house, clothes, more food. The next day, like magic, all of these were given to him. However, the second man still had nothing. Finally, the first man prayed for a ship, so that he and his wife could leave the island. In the morning, he found a ship docked at his side of the island. The first man boarded the ship with his wife and decided to leave the second man on the island.

He considered the other man unworthy to receive God’s blessings, since none of his prayers had been answered. As the ship was about to leave, the first man heard a voice from heaven booming, "Why are you leaving your companion on the island?" "My blessings are mine alone, since I was the one who prayed for them," the first man answered. "His prayers were all unanswered and so he does not deserve anything."

"You are mistaken!" the voice rebuked him. "He had only one prayer, which I answered. If not for that, you would not have received any of my blessings." "Tell me," the first man asked the voice, "what did he pray for that I should owe him anything?"

"He prayed that all your prayers be answered."

    Pediatric Update

(Dr. Neelam Mohan, Director Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation, Medanta – The Medicity)

What is croup?

Croup, or laryngotracheobronchitis, is the most common cause of infectious airway obstruction in children. Most commonly affected group is aged
6 months to 4 years. The most frequent causative organism is parainfluenza virus type I; however, other organisms such as parainfluenza types II and III, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, RSV, influenza A and B, and adenovirus have been implicated

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    IJCP Special

Dr Good Dr Bad

Situation: A patient with suspected malaria was found to have negative falciparum smear.
Dr. Bad: This is not malaria.
Dr. Good: Get the smear repeated every six hours for the next 72 hours.
Lesson: If initial screening is negative and an alternative diagnosis is not available, smear examinations should be repeated every 6–12 hours for the next 48–72 hours. (Clin Microbiol Rev 2002;15:66)

Make Sure

Situation: A patient with Chikungunya had persistent joint pain.
Reaction: Oh my God! Why was hydroxychloroquine not given?
Lesson: Make sure that all patients post Chikungunya arthritis are treated with hydroxychloroquine to reduce disability.

    Obesity Update

Dr. Parveen Bhatia and Dr. Pulkit Nandwani

Why should we be bothered about obesity?

An obese person has a 50–100% increased risk of premature death compared to someone of normal weight. More than 300,000 deaths a year are attributable to obesity. Obesity is associated with type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, elevated blood cholesterol, some cancers (e.g., colon, endometrial, kidney, gallbladder, and postmenopausal breast cancer), osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease and respiratory disease. In addition, obesity is often associated with discrimination and prejudice, causing some obese people to suffer poor self–esteem and reduced quality of life.

  SMS of the Day

(Dr GM Singh)

The ingredients of health and long life, are great temperance, open air, easy labour and little care. Sir Philip Sidney

    Medicolegal Update

(Dr Sudhir Gupta, Additional Prof, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, AIIMS)

Integrity of a Doctor must be whole and complete

  • The word "integrity" stems from the Latin adjective "integer" meaning whole and complete. In the context of medical professional, integrity is the inner sense of "wholeness" of a doctor deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. As such, one may judge that others "have integrity" to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold. Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, transparency, expectations, and outcomes.
  • In medical ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions in medical care delivery in the form of diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.
  • One essential aspect of a consistent framework is its avoidance of any unwarranted or arbitrary exceptions for a particular doctor especially the doctor that holds the framework in medical setup. In law, this principle of universal application requires that even those in positions of official power be subject to the same laws as pertain to their fellow person.
  • In personal ethics, this principle requires that one should not act according to any rule that one would not wish to see universally followed. For example, one should not steal unless one would want to live in a world in which everyone was a thief.
  • Speaking about integrity can emphasize the "wholeness" or "intactness" of a moral stance or attitude. Wholeness may also emphasize commitment and authenticity integrity "does not consist of loyalty to one’s subjective whims, but of loyalty to rational principles and practice of medicine in the interest of patient and public at large that strictly apply in medicolegal cases
  • In a formal study of the term "integrity" and its meaning in modern ethics, Law. Professor Carter sees integrity not only as a refusal to engage in behavior that evades responsibility, but also as an understanding of different modes or styles in which discourse attempts to uncover a particular truth/fact in public interest. Carter writes that integrity requires three steps: "discerning what is right and what is wrong; acting on what you have discerned, even at personal cost; and saying openly that you are acting on your understanding of right from wrong." He regards integrity as being distinct from honesty.
  Vitamins—Open Secrets revealed

(Dr Jitendra Ingole, MD Internal Medicine)

Measuring B12 Deficiency: Myth of Normal Lab values for B12

Our traditional medical curriculum teaches that Vit B12 is required in very small amounts and it typically takes years to manifest symptoms of B12 deficiency. Thus, it would give a picture to any novice that Vit B12 deficiency should be rare and even if it occurs, few tablets of Vit B12 should be enough to restore it. Well, the real facts are entirely different. Vitamin B12 deficiency is much more rampant all over the world.

In general blood levels of Vitamin B12 lower than 200 pg/mL is considered as an indication of deficiency. This number is based on the level associated with the most severe manifestation of deficiency, pernicious anemia. In contrast, the lower limit in Japan and some European countries is 500–550 pg/mL, the levels associated with psychological and behavioral manifestations such as dementia and memory loss. Physicians in these countries consider blood levels of 500–1300 to be the normal range. (Ref: Mitsuyama Y and Kogoh H. Japan J Neurol & Psychi 1988;42(1):65–71.)

Thus, the acceptance of high levels as normal in Japan, and the willingness to readily treat psychiatric symptoms with B12 explains the low rates of Alzheimer’s dementia in that country––as well as the reason for the very high rates of Dementia/Neuropsychiatric disorders in other countries. Even with the low cutoff currently considered (Less than 200pg/mL), large numbers of our patients are still Vitamin B12 deficient. In the ongoing Framingham Offspring Study, involving 3000 men and women in the town of Framingham, Massachusetts, researchers found that 39 percent had B12 levels in the so–called "low normal" range, that is below 258. Had the researchers chosen the optimal range of 1100–1300 as a measure of B12 status, very few would have qualified as B12 replete. Other most surprising finding of this study was the fact that the youngest group (26 to 49 years old) had about the same B12 status as the oldest group (65 and up), an indication that deficiencies are becoming more common. (Ref: Tucker KL and others. Am J Clin Nutr 2000;71:514–22)

So, the take home message for all of us would be: Suspect all patients for symptoms of Vit B12 deficiency. Those patients who cannot afford evaluation of Vit B12 levels (many times is unnecessary: because (i) Even if patient has low normal value, he will still require B12 supplementation for the facts mentioned above; (ii) And the cost of a single ampoule of Vit B12 is less than 10 Rs. Which is a way cheaper than cost of the B12 level test ~ more than Rs 1000)

    Mind Teaser

Read this…………………
(Dr GM Singh)

The first physiological response to high environmental temperature is:

1. Sweating
2. Vasodilation
3. Decreased heat production
4. Non–shivering thermogenesis

Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: In which of the following, does a reduction in arterial oxygen tension occur?

1. Anemia
2. CO poisoning
3. Moderate exercise
4. Hypoventilation

Answer for Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: 3. Moderate exercise

Correct answers received from: Dr K Raju, Dr Pramod M Kulkarni, Dr Raisami Sundaram, Dr Sikha,
Dr Sujal, Dr Geeta, Dr Alka, Dr Swati, Dr Keshav, Dr Firoz, Dr Hemant, Dr Yash, Dr Apurva.

Answer for 26th May Mind Teaser: A: Cataract
Correct answers received from: Dr D Chatterjee, Dr Anil Bairaria, Dr KV Sarma, Dr Shradha, Dr Simran, Dr Apurya, Dr Anupama, Dr Prachi, Dr Payal.

Send your answer to ijcp12@gmail.com

    Lab Update

(Dr Arpan Gandhi and Dr Navin Dang)

Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common cause of anemia. Tests include:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) with a detailed blood smear report
  • Serum iron
  • Serum ferritin
  • Total iron–binding capacity (TIBC)
  • Serum transferrin
  • Fecal occult blood test
    Medi Finance Update

(Dr. GM Singh)

  • Keep a reasonable amount of liquid cash to meet your expenses. Always look at your savings account whether any surplus money is lying and learn to invest it.
  • Every individual within high income bracket should have a key man insurance policy, as it is a good investment in the long run.
  • Profit on paper has no value unless it is easily available.
    Laugh a While

(Dr. GM Singh)


An acquaintance of mine who is a physician told this story about her then–four–year–old daughter. On the way to preschool, the doctor had left her stethoscope on the car seat, and her little girl picked it up and began playing with it. "Be still, my heart," thought my friend, "my daughter wants to follow in my footsteps!" Then the child spoke into the instrument: "Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take you order?

    Drug Update

List of Approved Drug From 01.01.2010 TO 31.8.2010

Drug Name


DCI Approval Date

Aceclofenac 1% w/w + Menthol 5% Spray

For the treatment of acute painful inflammatory conditions in adults only


    IMSA Update

International Medical Science Academy (IMSA) Update

Knee osteoarthritis and serum vitamin D levels

Results of a study indicate a significant association between serum 25–OHD deficiency and knee OA in patients aged <60 years and suggest serum 25–OHD measurement in any patient with symptoms suggestive of knee OA particularly at the initial stage of disease.

    Public Forum

(Press Release for use by the newspapers)

Tobacco is a drug

Nicotine is an established drug mentioned in the medical literature. As tobacco and cigarettes are nicotine carriers, they should be declared as drugs, said Padma Shri and Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee. Dr. KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India.

Dr. Aggarwal said that once tobacco in any form is declared as a drug, it cannot be sold in the open market and can only be sold in chemist shops against prescription.

Nicotine as a drug is used in the treatment of refractory ulcerative colitis and refractory Alzheimer’s disease. Most nicotine products are used to de–addict patients of nicotine addiction.

    Readers Response
  1. My question is to Dr Sudhir Gupta: Should a lady medical officer in government hospital write about the age of rape victim seeing a radiologist's report (radiologists only write about the ossification, they do not give the approximate age) or should she should refer the victim to chief medical officer for age determination? It is seen that when police come to hospital for medical report of rape victim they ask about the sexual intercourse and minor/major status. The lady medical officers write approximately seeing the x–rays. Is this right? Dr Sunil.

    Dr Sudhir Gupta Responds: The doctor conducting the medical examination of a rape victim is also requested for age estimation of victim. The doctor is empowered and may give opinion regarding the estimated age of victim on the basis of the radiological report, findings of secondary sexual characters and dental status or even the can say the osteological age as per report of radiologist. However, if she/doctor is not confident, it should be referred to the CMO/higher administrator of hospital concerned.

    Presence of bodily injuries like bite marks, nail marks etc. on the body of the victim/accused prove that the exchange offered resistance. Genital injuries can be serious if the act is done on a virgin or a young girl; however, it is seen that the genital injuries will be minimal or absent in a woman used to sexual act. Trivial general injuries can be seen on the victim as well as the accused in violent sexual act. Usually if there are signs of general and genital violence, it can be assumed that the sexual act was done against the will and without the consent of the victim and its interpretation should be left on law. Doctor should not comment on commission or non commission of rape. Rape is a legal definition and not at all a medical diagnosis since the necessary and required constituents for law to charge a person in offence of rape, is penetration/touching of penis within vulva (leaps of vagina) however slight/little it may be, or even this act may be only for a fraction of second is sufficient to constitute the offence of rape Neither complete penetration of male genital organ nor rupture of hymen nor complete sexual act or emission of seminal fluid are necessary to amount to rape.
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National Conference on "Insight on Medico Legal Issues"
Date: Sunday, 10th July, 2011
Venue: Auditorium, Chinmaya Mission, 89, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

eMedinewS and Heart Care Foundation of India are Jointly organizing the first ever National Conference on "Insight on Medico Legal Issues" to commemorate "Doctors’ Day".
The one day conference will have total insight into all the medico legal and ethical issues concerning the practicing doctors. The conference will be organised at the Auditorium of Chinmaya Mission Lodhi Road and will have both medical and legal experts interacting with the delegates on important issues.
You are requested to kindly register in advance as seats are limited. There will be no registration fee. You can register by sending us request at rekhapapola@gmail.com or at 9899974439.

Session: Ethical Issues in Medical Research (8 am to 8.30 am)
Topics: Rights of a patient in a clinical trial
           Ethical Issues in a clinical trial
           Statutory permits required for conducting a clinical trial

Session: Medical ethics and organ donations (8.30 am to 9.00 am)
Topics: Ethical issues in IVF practice
           100% voluntary blood donation
           Need for do not resuscitate law in India
           Ethical issues in organ transplantation

Session: Handling death (9.00 am to 9.30 am)
Topics: How to declare death?
           Spiritual considerations in a dying patient
           Medico legal and ethical issues in post mortem

Session: Medical Insurance (9.30 am to 10 am)
Topic: Indemnity Insurance
          Engaging a lawyer
          Understanding various court procedures

Session: How to handle medico legal case? (10 am to 10.30 am)
Topic: When to do the MLC?
          Checklist of a MLC case
          Medico legal record keeping

Session: Medical Consent (10.30 am to 11 am)
Topics: Types of consent
            Ideal consent
            Extended consent

Session: Fallacies in acts applicable to medical profession (11 am to 11.30 am)
Topic: MTP, PNDT Act
          Organ Transplant Act
          State Medical Councils & Medical Council of India Acts

Inauguration (11.30 am – 12 noon)

Session: Professional misconduct and professional ethics (12 noon – 1 pm)
Session: When It is Not a Negligence (1 pm – 2 pm)


September 30th to October 2nd, 2011, Worldcon 2011 – XVI World Congress of Cardiology, Echocardiography & Allied Imaging Techniques at The Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR), INDIA

from Sept 29, 2011: A unique & highly educative Pre–Conference CME, International & national icons in the field of cardiology & echocardiography will form the teaching faculty.
• Provisional Scientific Program at http://worldcon2011.org/day1.html
• Provisional program for Pre Congress CME at http://worldcon2011.org/Pre_Conference_CME.html
• Abstract submission at http://worldcon2011.org/scientificprogram.html
• Important dates at http://worldcon2011.org/importantDates.html
• Congress website at http://www.worldcon2011.org
• Entertainment – Kingdom of Dreams at http://worldcon2011.org/Pre_Post_Tours.html

Key Contacts
Dr. (Col.) Satish Parashar, President Organizing Committee, + 91 9810146231
Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Secretary General, + 91 9811013246

Congress Secretariat: Rajat Khurana, C–1 / 16, Ashok Vihar – Phase II, Delhi 110 052, INDIA., Phone: + 91–11–2741–9505, Fax: + 91–11–2741–5646, Mobile: + 91 9560188488, 9811911800,
Email: worldcon2011@gmail.com, jrop2001@yahoo.com, worldcon2011@in.kuoni.com


Medifilmfest (1st International Health Film Festival in Delhi)

October 14–23, 2011, As part of 18th MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2011(Screening of films October 14–17, Jury Screening at Jamia Hamdarad University Auditorium October 18–19, award winning films at TalKatora Stadium October 19–23, 2011)
Organized by: Heart Care Foundation of India, World Fellowships of Religions, FACES, Bahudha Utkarsh Foundation and Dept of Health and Family Welfare Govt of NCT of Delhi.
Entries Invited: from feature films, Ad Films, Serials, Documentary Films, Cartoon Films, Animation Films, Educational films; films on Yoga, Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy; Indigenous Healing, Films promoting the Bio–cultural Diversity, Medical Tourism, Visual and Medical Anthropology, Gender sensitization, awareness drive on socio–medical issues and health journalism. The films can be of variable durations (0–1 minute, upto 3 minutes, upto ten minutes, upto 45 minutes and upto an hour and beyond).
Separate entries are also invited for "factual mistakes in feature films concerning health". This can be in the form of 1–5 minutes footages.

Categories:Competitive category/ Non Competitive category/ Special screening
Sub Categories:

1. General: Documentaries, animation films, corporate films, Ad films, TV health programs/reports, health chat shows.

2. Special: Short instances of "depiction of wrong health messages" through the films.

Subjects: Health, disease, sanitation, yoga, spiritual health, environment, social issues, food, better living, Indigenous healing, medical tourism, visual & medical anthropology, gender sensitization, health journalism. Duration: 0–10 seconds; <30 minutes, 30–60 minutes, 1–3 hours. Language: English or Hindi, or sub tilled in English/Hindi. Fee: No fees from participants. Entry to the film show free. Format: Any format duly converted into DVD (compatible to the latest players/systems) Boarding, Lodging and Travel Expenses: Own, the participants may raise their own sponsorships

For details contact: Dr KK Aggarwal/Dr Kailash Kumar Mishra/Mr M Malik at


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