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27th September 2016
Centralized entrance test followed by centralized state counselling by the State: SC Constitution Bench 
A five-Judge Constitution Bench comprising of: Anil R. Dave, J., A.K. Sikri, J., R.K. Agarwal, J., A.K. Goel, J., R. Banumathi, J in State of M.P. vs. Jainarayan Choukey and Ors., with I.A. No.83 in Civil Appeal (Nos.) 4060 of 2009 pronounced on 23.09.2016 that Centralized entrance test be followed by centralized state counselling by the State Government only.
The Bench observed "We have heard the Ld. Counsel for the parties at length. We observe that mandate of our judgment was to hold centralized entrance test followed by centralized state counselling by the State to make it a one composite process.
We, therefore, direct that admission to all medical seats shall be conducted by centralized counselling only by the State Government and none else.
If any counselling has been done by any College or University and any admission to any medical seat has been given so far, such admission shall stand cancelled forthwith and admission shall be given only as per centralized counselling done by the State Government.
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Heart Disease in children
New Delhi, September 26, 2016: India is inching towards becoming the heart disease capital of the world. With the increasing lifestyle irregularities and stresses of the 21st century, heart disease is extremely common in the age group of 30+. However the incidence of the disease in young children is also very high.

Heart disease in children can be of different kinds, congenital and acquired heart disease. Around one percent of children in India are born with congenital heart disease and some of them are often referred to blue babies. There was a time when there was a no cure for this and parents were just informed the inevitable fate of their child. However medical advancements over the past few decades have made it possible for most children suffering from congenital heart disease to live normal lives post timely surgical intervention.
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