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27th June, 2017
Genesis of medical accidents
Patient safety is of prime concern in day-to-day practice. But despite, all precautions, medical accidents do occur. Medical accident is an unforeseen or an unintended occurrence.
Most medical accidents are preventable. Hence, it is important for us to analyse why medical accidents occur.
Several factors contribute to medical accidents. Fatigue, sleep deprivation, poor communication, inadequate preoperative planning are some common reasons for medical accidents.  
Distraction is another very important factor in medical accidents. Smart phones are a major source of distraction for the operating team in the OTs including the anesthetists or in critical care areas. Doctors may talk and attend to their mobile phones during a surgery and may communicate through a nurse or a junior who works as a bridge between the surgeon and the caller or may check or send e-mails or text messages.
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IMA stresses on the importance of reviving family physicians
The need is imminent in the wake of a rising shortage of doctors, establishments, and beds in the country
New Delhi, 26th June 2017: According to statistics, India has one doctor for every 1700 people against the WHO recommended norm of 1 doctor for every 1,000 people. With a population of more than a billion, India is facing a shortage of doctors, establishment and beds. There are not enough doctors to take care of the health needs of all. Adding to this, is the issue of unqualified quacks who dupe people in the name of medical practice.
Research shows that about 80% of the population in India turns to private caregivers and more than 75% of their health care spending is out of their own pocket. All this makes it imperative to bring back the concept of a 'family physician'. Family doctors can help restore the faith of patients in medical professionals, which currently is seeing a downward trend.
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