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27th May, 2017
AHA statement on management of poststroke fatigue
Fatigue is a debilitating sequelae of stroke, both ischemic and hemorrhagic. About half of all patients who survive an episode of stroke often report fatigue, which may be mild and occurring occasionally to that which is severe and constant. Unlike the typical tiredness, post-stroke fatigue may or may not be related to a recent activity and does not improve with rest. It adversely affects daily activities of life and limits participation of the patients in rehabilitation programs, which in turn hampers recovery. This makes post stroke fatigue an issue that is of concern not only to the affected patient and the caregivers, but also to the clinician taking care of the patient.
The American Heart Association (AHA) has published a scientific statement for healthcare professionals on the management of fatigue in patients who have had a stroke. 
Published May 25, 2017 in the journal Stroke, the statement recognizes the multidimensional nature of poststroke fatigue and lists factors such as old age; female gender; physical impairment and functional deficits; comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, heart diseases; medications such as sedatives, antidepressants, and hypnotics and pain as factors that contribute to the fatigue.
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IMA condemns violence against doctors
 Calls for a stringent central act against this practice and making it a non-bailable offence

New Delhi, 26 May 2017: The IMA has called for a stringent central act against the increasing incidence of violence against doctors. This comes as part of the Association's intensive month-long campaign to raise awareness on and bring to light the issues faced by the medical profession today. IMA is a unified voice and the collective consciousness of the medical profession in the country. In this capacity, it has organized a protest march called the Dilli Chalo movement on 6th June 2017, which will be followed by deliberations on issues facing the medical fraternity.
An estimate by the IMA shows that over 75% of doctors across the country have faced at least some form of violence. About 18 states across the country have laws in place to address this issue.
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