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27th April, 2017
Walk up and down the stairs to boost energy

Walking up and down the stairs is more energizing than low-dose caffeine in sleep deprived individuals.
In a new study published March 14, 2017 in the journal Physiology and Behavior, researchers from the University of Georgia compared the effects of 10 minutes of low-to-moderate intensity stair walking to low-dose caffeine (50 mg equivalent to that in one can of soda) capsules on energy and motivation to work in women with chronically inadequate sleep. 

They found that compared to women who took 50 mg caffeine, those who walked up and down stairs for 10 minutes at a regular pace had greater increase in vigor or feeling of energy. They were also more motivated to complete cognitive tasks. However, no effect on attention or memory was observed.
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IMA condemns the West Bengal Clinical Establishment ACT 201
Urges 3 lakh members to observe a National Black Day on 27th April.
New Delhi, 26 April, 2017: Following the deaths of few patients in alleged cases of medical negligence against private hospitals in West Bengal, the West Bengal Clinical Establishments (registration regulations transparency) Bill, 2017 was recently passed in the state assembly with full support. The Indian Medical Association, the largest conglomeration of doctors of modern medicine has, however, condemned and opposed the Act. They feel that it is unjust towards the medical fraternity and will only increase the cases of violence against doctors. 
At IMA's recent National Conference in Kolkata - the 217th CWC - it was unanimously decided that 27th April would be observed as National Black Day across the country. Over 3 lakh members of the IMA have been asked to join the peaceful demonstration of solidarity by wearing black badges and displaying a black cloth on their notice board with explanation.
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