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Dr k k Aggarwal Special

CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster: Various mutations so far

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI
27th January 2021
With input from Dr Monica Vasudev
1326: HCFI Round Table Expert Zoom Meeting on Various Mutations So Far23rd January, 2021, 11am-12pm.
Participants: Dr KK Aggarwal, Dr AK Agarwal, Prof Mahesh Verma, Dr Suneela Garg, Dr Ashok Gupta, Dr Jayakrishnan Alapet, Dr DR Rai, Mr Bejon Misra, Ms Balbir Verma, Ms Upasana Arora, Dr KK Kalra, Dr Suresh Mittal, Ms Ira Gupta, Dr S Sharma.
Consensus Statement of HCFI Expert Round Table: • Coronavirus has been detected in the cornea. Hence, corneal transplant is not advisable if a patient dies of COVID... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

CMAAO Coronavirus Facts And Myth Buster: Ivermectin Revisited

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI
27th January 2021
With input from Dr Monica Vasudev
1327: A case for ivermectin
There are some potential drugs that target the 3-chymotrypsin like protease (3CLpro). This is the main protease which is essential for the replication of SARS-CoV-2. Investigators used computational molecular modeling to screen 3987 FDA-approved drugs, and selected 47 drugs and assessed their inhibitory effects on SARS-CoV-2 specific 3CLpro enzyme in vitro. Boceprevir, ombitasvir, paritaprevir, tipranavir, ivermectin, and micafungin were found to inhibit 3CLpro enzymatic activity...Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

Nutrition Priorities in Liver Cirrhosis

27th January 2021Gastroenterology Hepatology Multispeciality
Prevention and management of malnutrition are crucial to enhance clinical outcomes for patients with cirrhosis. It has been observed that 50% to 90% of individuals with cirrhosis have malnutrition. Various factors contributing to the challenge an individual face to meet calorie and protein requirements,... Read more »

Hypertension Update

Dr k k Aggarwal

BPLTTC – Antihypertensive agents as risk modifiers for prevention of incident/recurrent CV events irrespective of baseline criteria: Placing amlodipine in context

27th January 2021 Hypertension
Hypertension, a prominent cause of premature mortality, affects 1.13 billion people worldwide, though blood pressure (BP)... Read more »
Zinc Update

Future mechanisms of antitussives in chronic cough

27th January 2021 Allergy & Immunology Multispeciality
An important defensive reflex of the respiratory tract is cough, which is required to clear and protect the upper airways. Cough might become exaggerated and also interfere with the quality of life. Even though chronic cough can be successfully treated when it is associated with the common causes like eosinophilic bronchitis,... Read more »

News From All Specialities

New Zealand investigates first probable community case of COVID-19 in months

27th January 2021 Pathology & Lab MedicinePulmonary Medicine
Health officials in New Zealand were probing what according to them was perhaps the first community COVID-19 case in the country in months, in a woman who recently returned from overseas. The 56-year-old patient returned to New Zealand on December 30. She tested positive for COVID-19 days after ending... Read more »

Tata in talks with Moderna to launch its COVID-19 vaccine in India

27th January 2021 Business and Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
Tata Medical & Diagnostics, a new subsidiary of Tata Sons, is in discussion with Moderna regarding a partnership to launch its COVID-19 vaccine in India. Tata could collaborate with the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) to conduct clinical trials of the vaccine candidate in India... Read more »

Patients with inactive cancer face high risk of severe COVID-19 disease

27th January 2021 Pathology & Lab MedicinePulmonary Medicine
A new study, published in the journal JNCI Cancer Spectrum, has revealed that patients with inactive cancer who are not undergoing treatments at present also have a significantly higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Investigators assessed the records of over 4,800 patients tested for COVID-19 from the Penn Medicine... Read more »

Israel starts vaccinating 16 to 18-year-olds ahead of exams

27th January 2021 Pulmonary Medicine Emergency Medicine
Israel has started inoculating 16 to 18-year-olds against COVID-19. The measure comes as an effort to allow them to appear for the approaching examinations. Over a quarter of Israel's population of nine million people have been given at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine since December 19, 2020, stated its health ministry... Read more »

Low-Dose IL-2 Promising in Colitis

27th January 2021PharmacistsGastroenterology
According to findings from an 8-week study presented at the virtual Crohn's and Colitis Congress, low doses of the recombinant T-cell growth factor interleukin 2 (IL-2) were tolerated well by patients with moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis. Only one patient withdrew owing to a dose-limiting toxicity, reported an investigator... Read more »

Medicolegal Corner

If the doctor waives off his fee, will he still be held liable for medical negligence and pay compensation to his patients?

27th January 2021
Waiving off fee does not take away the responsibility of the doctor. If the doctor has not charged his fee but has committed medical negligence or does not treat his patient properly, then also the doctor shall be liable to pay compensation to the patient and/or patient’s relatives for the same...Read more »

eMedi Humor

New Disease

27th January 2021
A recent college graduate took a new job in a hilly city and began commuting each day to work through a tiring array of tunnels, bridges and traffic jams. Thinking it would make the trip more bearable, he invited several coworkers to share the ride. However, the commute actually got more stressful,...Read more »

eMedi Quiz

Treatment for bleeding duodenal diverticulum is

27th January 2021
a) Diverticulectomy
b) Diverticulopexy
c) Diverticulization...Read more »

Lifestyle Updates

eWellness: White rice most dangerous

27th January 2021
White rice is more dangerous in terms of glycemic index in comparison with white bread. It has glycemic index of 102. People are often advised not to take cola drinks but they keep eating white bread. The glycemic index for white bread is 100% and that for cola drink is 90%. Traditional Indian drinks like Rooh Afza, Khas,... Read more »

eSpiritual: Facts about Soul and the Spirit

27th January 2021
• Energy represents the raw material of the universe.
• Information is the organization of energy into reproducible patterns.
• Consciousness is living information and energy (living energized information)...Read more »

Inspirational: God has a Sense of Humor Too

27th January 2021
A woman once received a call from her daughter’s babysitter that her daughter was having high fever. She rushed back home from her office and stopped at a pharmacy to get medication. As she got back to her car, she realized that she had locked her car keys inside...Read more »


Medical voice

Doctors Survey

Question 1 : Which of these courses would you pay for - You can select multiple options
How to modernize clinic
Growing your digitize you clinic and practice...
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How Corona Aware Are You

Question 1 : How confident are you that you could recognize and respond to a potential coronavirus case?
Very confident
Moderately confident...


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Exercise and Nutritional Intervention for Adults with Sarcopenic Obesity

People with sarcopenic obesity (SO) have both low muscle mass, i.e., sarcopenia, and high body fat, i.e., obesity. These individuals are at a greater risk of metabolic diseases and physical disability when compared with people with sarcopenia... Read more »



Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in patients with essential hypertension treated with cilnidipine

In the present study, published in Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy, cilnidipine was given to 14 hospitalized patients with essential hypertension, and 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring was performed. Once-daily administration of cilnidipine... Read more »


Effect of Baby Swimming and Baby Lotion on the Skin Barrier of Infants Aged 3-6 Months

Skin care is important especially in infancy as skin barrier matures during the first year of life. The goal of a study published in Journal of the German Society of Dermatology was to examine the effects of baby swimming and baby lotion... Read more »


Pre-Operative Multimodal Analgesia Decreases Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Narcotic Use and Pain.

A new study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery aimed to assess the efficiency of multimodal analgesia (MMA) in reducing reliance on opioid medications. This was retrospective review of 560 patients undergoing outpatient... Read more »

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