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27th October, 2017
Wealth management: The Nine Nidhis (Part 2)
Dr KK Aggarwal
Our mythology has described nine types of Nidhis (nawanidhi) or treasures or valuable things, which belong to Kubera, the God of wealth. These nine types of treasures or nidhis are: Mahapadma (great lotus flower), Padma (lotus flower), Shankha (conch), Makara (crocodile), Kachchhapa (tortoise), Kumud (a particular precious stone), Kunda (jasmine), Nila (sapphire) and Kharva (dwarf).
Our total wealth is our treasure. Here, wealth does not represent only material wealth, but also other forms of wealth such as knowledge, children, strength, achievements, awards as denoted by the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi. Each form of wealth can be further classified and subclassified.

Firstly, according to the duration of the wealth 'how long will your wealth last for'. This can be further subclassified into three:
  • Will your total wealth be enough for just one generation?
  • Will your total wealth last for your seven generations to come?
  • Will your total wealth sustain forever 'amar'?
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A more proactive approach needed to combat dengue
  • This is true for other mosquito-borne illnesses as well
  • Collective failure needs to be turned into success through community participation
New Delhi, 26 October 2017: As per recent reports, there have been 650 fresh cases of dengue in the capital city of Delhi in the past one week. This has taken the confirmed cases of dengue this year to 5,870. Estimates also indicate that the death toll due to this condition today stands at three. The IMA indicates that dengue is spreading alarmingly in Kerala, West Bengal, and Karnataka; and has taken the form of a mysterious illness in Indore with arthritis. Collectively, we have failed in controlling the mosquito menace.
It has taken over a decade for doctors to understand that dengue 1 and 3 strains are not dangerous and cause only platelet deficiency with thinning of blood. Dengue 2 and 4 strains are dangerous as they lead to platelet destruction along with thickening of blood due to capillary leakage and rise in haematocrit. It is time to convert this biggest failure to success.
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