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26th September 2016
Internet addiction a red flag for mental health problems
Over-reliance on the Internet, social media and instant messaging in particular, might be linked to depression, anxiety and impulsivity, according to a study presented at the recent 29th European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria.
In the study from Canada, researchers evaluated the internet use of 254 freshmen at McMaster University in Ontario. The researchers used a tool called the Internet Addiction Test (IAT), developed in 1998, as well as their own scale based on more recent criteria. 33 students met criteria for internet addiction, and 107 for problematic internet use. The researchers also assessed the students' mental health, including signs of impulsiveness, depression, anxiety and stress.
Most of those addicted to the internet had trouble controlling their use of video streaming and social networking sites as well as instant messaging tools. They had more trouble handling their daily routines and higher rates of depression, anxiety, impulsiveness and inattention. They also had problems with planning and time management.
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A Heart Healthy Prescription
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading Global causes of morbidity and premature mortality contributing to over 17.5 million deaths every year
New Delhi, 25 September 2016: The increasing incidence of cardiac diseases is causing serious concern amongst the medical fraternity of India. The primary reasons for this include the lifestyle irregularities of the 21st century Indian. In addition to this, early signs of heart disease are often ignored or not taken seriously causing grave problems in the future.
According to Padma Shri Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President HCFI & President Elect IMA, "The number of heart patients in India can be drastically reduced if every individual lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle and immediately makes necessary lifestyle modifications whenever heart disease symptoms are reported. People often get fooled by misconceptions about heart diseases and hence, it becomes really important to understand the facts associated with your heart.
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