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Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
26th July 2016
Bacterial infections linked to occurrence of manic episodes
Individuals who are hospitalized with acute mania have a considerably higher rate of bacterial infections, as evident by the recent prescription of antimicrobial agents, says a new study published 17th July, 2016 in the journal Bipolar Disorders. 
Researchers analyzed recent prescription of systemic antimicrobial medications and the site of presumed bacterial infection in 234 individuals hospitalized for acute mania in either as inpatient or a day hospital. Patients hospitalized for other psychiatric disorders (n=368) vs controls (n=555) were also evaluated.
  • Patients hospitalized with acute mania had a substantially increased rate of recent antimicrobial prescription, defined as exposure within 3 days of ascertainment. 
  • Overall, 7.7% individuals hospitalized for acute mania were prescribed antibiotics vs 1.3% controls. 
  • Antibiotic prescription was associated with being on an inpatient unit vs being in the day hospital, and having increased mania symptom severity but not with other clinical ratings, demographic variables, or psychiatric medications. 
  • The recent antibiotic prescription did not have any association with hospitalization for other psychiatric disorders. The urinary tract was the most common site of infection in women, while the respiratory tract and mucosal surfaces were the most common sites in men.
Though the results did not show any cause and effect association, the authors suggest that the prevention and effective treatment of bacterial infections may be important interventions for the management of individuals with mania.
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The safe limit of alcohol varies from one country to another​
New Delhi, July 25th, 2016: One to two drinks a day for women, and two to four drinks a day in men, are inversely related to mortality. This was stated by Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal -President Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) and Honorary Secretary General IMA.

The definition of a "standard drink" varies in different countries. A standard drink in the US is approximately  12 to 14 g alcohol. In Great Britain, a standard drink is 8 g alcohol. In Japan, it is 19.75 g and in India is 10 grams of alcohol.
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Webcast Date  - 28th July 2016
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