Dr k k Aggarwal

Every Adversity is an Opportunity: COVID-19 Dincharya

Dr KK Aggarwal (President CMAAO); Dr Rajan Sharma (National President IMA); Dr R V Asokan (HSG IMA); Dr V K Monga (Chairman HBI)
26th March 2020
• Suddenly you have all the time in the world
• Use this time to rethink about your habits and routines and make changes.
• Time to slow down and understand the principle of minimum effort and maximum profits. • Time to think how to cut on your expenses and your needs... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

Coronavirus stayed on surfaces for up to 17 days on Diamond Princess Cruise

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA
26th March 2020
Cruise ships often provide a framework for outbreaks of infectious diseases owing to their closed environment, contact between travelers from many countries, and crew transfers between ships. During the initial stages of the pandemic, the Diamond Princess represented the setting of the largest outbreak outside mainland China... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

Hantavirus death in Yunnan, China

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA
26th March 2020
Hantaviruses constitute a genus (Orthohantavirus) of enveloped viruses of the order Bunyavirales. All hantaviruses of medical significance are carried by rodents of the families Muridae and Cricetidae. They are linked with two severe acute febrile illnesses: Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS), caused by hantaviruses of the Old World;... Read more »

News From All Specialities

COVID-19 pandemic: Lockdown across India in line with WHO guidance

26th March 2020 Business and Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
India imposed a 21-day lockdown on Tuesday amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The move came following a call from the UN health agency, WHO, for the country to take “aggressive action”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s order for the country’s people to stay home, is an escalation of the “Janata curfew” that was introduced on March 22,... Read more »
Practice Updates

U.S. could be next virus epicenter

26th March 2020 Pulmonary Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
The United States could take the place of the global coronavirus pandemic epicenter, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday, as India announced a full 24-hour, nationwide lockdown for 21 days. WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris stated that infections in the United States had shown a considerable rise... Read more »
Practice Updates

China ends two-month lockdown in Hubei

26th March 2020 Pulmonary Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
BEIJING: Chinese authorities announced on Tuesday that the two-month lockdown of most of Hubei province would be ended at midnight, as domestic cases subside. Wuhan will remain locked down until April 8. Hubei has seen nearly no new infections for more than a week. It remained unclear as to which cities and provinces,...Read more »

Higher Daily Step Count Tied to Lower All-cause Mortality

26th March 2020 Pharmacists Pathology & Lab Medicine
According to a new study, higher daily step counts are associated with lower mortality risk from all causes. The team, including investigators from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute on Aging (NIA), as well as from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),...Read more »

PSMA PET/CT Better at Detecting Prostate Cancer Spread

26th March 2020 Oncology Pharmacists
In men with high-risk prostate cancer, imaging with prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) PET-CT before curative surgery or radiotherapy seems considerably more accurate than conventional imaging for detecting metastatic disease, noted a randomized trial published in The Lancet. In 295 patients,... Read more »

Medicolegal Corner

What procedure and safeguard is to be followed if there is no advance medical directive?

26th March 2020
In the landmark judgment titled as “Common Cause versus Union of India, 2018 (5) SCC 1 passed by the Hon’ble Constitution Bench of 4 Judges of the Supreme Court of India, it has held that: 192. It is necessary to make it clear that there will be cases where there is no Advance Directive...Read more »

eMedi Humor

Why did you paint one side

26th March 2020
Two cab drivers met. "Hey," asked one, "why did you paint one side of your cab red and the other side blue?"
"Well," the other responded, "when I get into an accident,..Read more »

eMedi Quiz

Acantholysis is characteristic of:

26th March 2020
1. Pemphigus vulgaris.
2. Pemphigoid.
3. Erythema multiforme...Read more »

Lifestyle Updates

eWellness: Poor hygiene habits may lead to typhoid

26th March 2020
Typhoid fever is caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi and is transmitted through the ingestion of food or drink contaminated by the feces or urine of infected people. Insects feeding on feces may occasionally transfer the bacteria to humans due to poor hygiene habits and public sanitation conditions... Read more »

eSpiritual: Collective Consciousness

26th March 2020
Consciousness is an energized field of information with powers to do everything in the universe. Collective consciousness is the internet of the collective souls of many people in a group. Collective consciousness is the strongest super power ever available in the universe. As per the Vedic texts,...Read more »

Inspirational: Two Monks and a Pretty Lady

26th March 2020
Once, a big monk and a little monk were traveling together. They reached the bank of a river and found that the bridge was damaged. They had to wade across the river. A pretty lady was stuck at the damaged bridge. The big monk offered to carry her across the river on his back. The lady agreed...Read more »

Medical Voice

Medical voice

Working with industry to boost health workers’ protection: Government

NEW DELHI: The government on Monday said it was working “round the clock with industry bodies and textile associations to augment supplies of vital equipment for healthcare professionals dealing with Covid-19 cases,” and to create a strong reserve of personal protective equipment, including body coveralls...Read more »  


Medical voice

Doctors Survey

Question 1 : Which of these courses would you pay for - You can select multiple options
How to modernize clinic
Growing your digitize you clinic and practice...Read more »  
Medical voice

How Corona Aware Are You

Question 1 : How confident are you that you could recognize and respond to a potential coronavirus case?
Very confident
Moderately confident...Read more »  


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Early phase-2 trial of TAS-205 in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a progressive muscular disease characterized by chronic cycles of inflammatory and necrotic processes. Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) is produced by hematopoietic PGD synthase (HPGDS), which is pathologically implicated in muscle necrosis... Read more »


Age-specific incidence of allergic and non-allergic asthma.

Onset of allergic asthma has a strong association with childhood, but only a few studies have analyzed the relationship between the incidence of asthma from childhood to late adulthood and allergy. A new study published in BMC Pulmonary Medicine assessed....Read more »


Vitamin A intake linked with lower skin cancer risk: Study

Intake of vitamin A may be associated with a lower risk of a common type of skin cancer, a study claims. The study of about 125,000 Americans found that people with the highest intake of vitamin A lowered their risk of squamous cell skin cancer by around 15 per cent.... Read more »

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